Two Dancing with the Stars clips in AOL’s Top Five


AOL TV has released its list of the top five television clips of the year. Two clips from Dancing with the Stars appear on the list. Readers can watch all of the clips and vote for their favorite of the list.

Here is the list:

Ellen Degeneres Doggie Drama
Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s fight on The View
Sabrina Bryan shockingly eliminated from Dancing with the Stars
Marie Osmond faints on Dancing with the Stars
Britney Spears’ awful performance on the MTV video music awards

Which do you think was the top TV moment of the year?

Sabra, Danny, and Neil on cover of Movmnt magazine


So You Think You Can Dance winner Sabra Johnson will appear on the cover of the winter 2008 issue of Movmnt magazine. Also appearing will be runner up Danny Tidwell and Neil Haskell. There are three different covers of the issue. Click here to see all three.

I think that they all look great, but Sabra looks the most unlike herself, with all the make-up and the super straight hair. She looks great, just different than I am use to seeing.

Visit movmnt to see how to get your own copy!

Julianne Hough gets record deal

julianne-hough-singing.jpgIt seems like these days that people that are very good at one thing always feel the need to show that they excel in other areas. Singers want to be actors, sports stars want to be rappers, and professional dance champions…want to sing country music?

Dancing with the Stars winner and professional dancer Julianne Hough has inked a record deal with Mercury Nashville to record a country music album. Hough has been in Nashville working on the album and has even planned her appearances on the Dancing with the Stars tour around her recording schedule.

Perhaps she has always wanted to sing professionally, but was a better dancer, so that came first? Maybe she is not a super spectacular singer so she could not get a record deal without becoming famous first? Having never heard her sing, I cannot say for sure.

Certainly Mercury has made a smart business decision because, given her popularity, she has a built in fan base. Will those people buy her album? Only time will tell.


Maksim Chmerkovskiy not going anywhere

maksim-chmerkovskiy.jpgDespite his earlier comments that he might be done with Dancing with the Stars, professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy said that he is not leaving the show.

He blamed his previous comments suggesting his departure on the stress of the 10 week show and insists that he has no plans to departs DWTS, despite “lucrative offers” to do other things.

Most likely he was angry for losing the trophy to Julianne Hough again, although I can’t be sure.  I think it is good news that he is returning because he is only male professional, with the exception of Derek Hough, whose personality really shone through this season.  He is also very talented and has great choreography.


Marie Osmond’s Dancing with the Stars dolls

marie-osmond-doll.jpg Using her success on Dancing with the Stars to her fiscal advantage, Marie Osmond has a line of her dolls that are Dancing with the Stars inspired. The dolls are available on QVC and feature outfits similar to those worn by Marie on DWTS.

Among the styles are the Paso Doble dress and the USO themed khaki outfit. Coming soon, but not yet available, is the doll wearing the Baby Doll dress that Marie wore in the finale.

The dolls have the regular price of $99, but were on sale for $10 less when I turned into the show this evening. Marie was not there, however, because she had a show to do.



Win Mel B’s Dancing with the Stars eyelashes

mel-b-eyelashes.jpgWant a little piece of Dancing with the Stars?  The Spice Girls announced on their website that they are having a contest.  The prize?  The fake eyelashes worn by Scary Spice Mel B. in the finale of Dancing with the Stars.

To enter, you have to e-mail the name of Mel B’s partner from DWTS to the special e-mail address they provide.  Need the spelling?  Check my category list in the left hand sidebar.  Visit here for specific details on how to enter to win.

Dancing with the Stars: break-up and breaking down

Although the Dancing with the Stars season officially ended with the awarding of the mirror ball trophy to winner Helio Castroneves, the DWTS news does not stop.

Mark Ballas apparently dislocated his shoulder during the cha cha cha routine with Sabrina Bryan.  I did not even notice, but according to this article, you can see him grab his shoulder.  I will post video if I find it.

Despite being a dancing superstar, Helio’s engagement is off.  Let the rumors about him and Julianne Hough begin (or continue?).

There continues to be talk about whether Marie Osmond faked her fainting spell.  What do you think?

The Dancing with the Stars winner is . . . Helio Castronves

Finally, at 9:56 p.m., the Dancing with the Stars winner was announced. And the winner is . . .



I am very happy with this outcome. The fact that he is a total non-dancer, non-performer, and he accomplished so much is a great feat. As a cute touch, they brought him some milk to drink, just like they do for the Indy 500 winner.

Dancing with the Stars: The Final Dances

In tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale, Mel B. and Helio Castroneves had to perform one last routine for the judges. Each dancer was able to chose their favorite dance of the season to perform. All the smoke and dramatic music for their introductions was so believably over the top and unnecessary. Just get to it already!

Mel B. and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed their mambo routine. It was excellent and high energy. Len called her “a revelation.” Bruno called her “magnificent.” Carrie Ann said, very casually, that she dances like she was born to do it and then jumped up and screamed (it was weird, as she nearly channeled So You Think You Can Dance‘s Mary Murphy). The judges gave them 10/10/10. No shock there.

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough performed their quick step routine (the one where Helio wears a yellow suit). It was as fun as the first time, although I thought the extended smooch at the end was a bit much. Bruno said he is “the sunny side of life.” Carrie Ann said it was her favorite dance and loves what he does to the crowd. Len said that he takes risks every time he dances. They received 10/10/10 as well. I guess there wasn’t much point to this round, was there?

Dancing with the Stars Finale Update

Hour one of the Dancing with the Stars finale is complete. There is no reason why the show needs to be two hours.  So far we have had about 43 different video montages showing clips of zero importance.  The good things so far were dances by Albert Reed (I forgot how good he was) and Sabrina Bryan (her not being in the finale is the biggest travesty of the season).

Wayne Newton could not dance because of a heart condition, which is understandable, but I think that Floyd Mayweather’s excuse that he has a fight coming up is a lame reason not to dance.  So he hasn’t had time to practice one dance?  What would have happened if he had made it through the competition?  Makes me think that he only went on a show for a little publicity for his big fight and had no intention of sticking around.

Oh, and I have really had enough of Celine Dion the past few weeks.  Her publicity campaign for her new album has been excruciatingly everywhere.