Dance War Recap

dance-war-bruno-vs-carrie-ann.jpgNo, I did not actually go back and watch my taped version of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.  I did however, find this recap at TVGasm, which, no doubt, is far more entertaining that the actual episode itself.

It properly sums up what is wrong with the show and gives you a play-by-play with much more humor that Bruno could ever muster.  Check out the review because that poor soul actually had to watch the entire show to to the recap.

Dance War: Week Three

There will be no week three recap of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann today because I could not even bring myself to watch it last night.  It is still on my TiVo, so maybe I will get to it at some point.

I thought that watching the Democratic debate was more important than Dance War, not to mention the fact that I would rather watch paint dry than Dance War.

Did you watch it this week?  Did it get better?

Dancing in the Movies: Save the Last Dance

save-the-last-dance.jpgThe 2001 movie Save the Last Dance follows Sara Johnson, who is played by Julia Stiles, as she moves to an mostly Black neighborhood in Chicago to live with her father following the tragic death of her mother.

She was a ballet dancer who was auditioning for Juilliard on the day her mother was killed in a car crash and she gave up dancing as a result.

In Chicago she meets Derek Reynolds, played by Sean Patrick Thomas, who helps reignite her love for dance. He helps her learn more modern dance so that she has a more well-rounded portfolio for Juilliard, and so she can fit in at the local dance club.

The movie deals with a lot of serious issues such as interracial dating, the loss of a parent, and the importance of living your dreams.

One interesting thing about this movie is that although the character of Derek is supposed to be teaching Sara how to dance, the actor did not know how to dance before the film and had to go through a lot of training prior to the film. Unlike Center Stage, this movie was fairly well received critically and I have seen it more times that I can count. I think that the acting is very good and it is not as cliche as other movies of the genre.

Dancing in the Movies: Center Stage

center-stage.jpgThe 2000 movie Center Stage follows students at a dance academy as they deal with the rigors of becoming a professional dancer. Topics covered in the movie are eating disorders, egotistical choreographers, as well as how hard it is to live up with the near perfect standards necessary.

While the dialogue is not the greatest, the plot is somewhat formulaic, and it is kind of predictable, I love this movie. I cannot really explain why, but I do. I think that the dancing is quite good and I really enjoy the performances.

I have always thought that the ballet peformed near the end of the film, the non-traditional one, would make a good real ballet. It has traditional dance elements, spiced up a bit.

The main character was actually played by a young woman who studied ballet in her home state of Hawaii: Amanda Schull.  Unfortunately her acting career did not go much beyond this movie and she will not be appearing in Center Stage 2.

What, you hadn’t heard? Yes, I just read that indeed their will be a sequel, which is currently in production. Peter Gallagher and Ethan Stiefel will both be returning, likely to rekindle their rivalry.

Hillary Clinton would love to dance with the stars

hillary-clinton.jpgOn her appearance on the Tyra Banks Show, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked what reality show she would want to be on (hard-hitting question there, Tyra).

Clinton said “in my dreams” she would be on America’s Next Top Model, but thinks she would be better on Dancing with the Stars.  She said that she would do well if she had “one of those really good partners.”

So if that whole “running to be the leader of the free world” thing doesn’t work out, maybe next year on DWTS we will see Clinton Fox Trotting with Maksim Chmerkovskiy or Derek Hough?  Would make for good television I think.


Danica Patrick says no to Dancing with the Stars

danica-patrick.jpgIndy car driver Danica Patrick said that she won’t be following in the footsteps of fellow driver Helio Castroneves. Helio, who of course was this year’s winner on Dancing with the Stars, recommended her to be on next season’s show.

Danica said that she does not have the infectious personality that Helio has and is too serious for the show. She thinks that people at home would be wondering what was wrong with her because she would not be smiling all the time like Helio did.

I think that it is too soon for another Indy car driver, although I think that Danica would have made a decent contestant. She is gorgeous and would look great in the dance outfits, so that is a plus.

However, she hasn’t yet proven herself on the racetrack, still waiting for that first victory, so I think that she should stick to that for awhile before trying her hand and something else. Previous athletes that have done well were either retired, like Emmitt Smith, or had already achieved great success in their field, like Helio.

Source: Buddy TV 
Photo: John Schearer, Wire Image

Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann week two

maxx.jpgI only watched bits and pieces of this week’s episode of Dance War, flipping back and forth between it and Unwrapped, followed by Jon & Kate plus 8. However, that was enough to know that it still is mediocre television. It says a lot that I would much rather watch a bunch of three year olds screaming for half an hour (although they are so cute!) rather than watching this dancing show.

The men and women were placed in small groups and performed for the judges/coaches. I still thought that their routines were a bit hokey, with at Mickey Mouse Club feel. I also thought that the men, especially, were trying too hard. They acted like they were in a boy band the way they opened their shirts, sang to girls in the crowd, sang to Carrie Ann; I guess no one told them that the boy band days are over. Just ask host Drew Lachey.

There was then a dramatic “school yard” selection, where Carrie Ann and Bruno each chose two people for their teams. The remaning three guys and three girls sang a final group song.

The three women sang “Survivor” and I thought that woman on the left would be sent home because her hand movements annoyed me. I was surprised when the poofy blond-haired woman went home instead.

The three men sang Boyz II Men Classic “End of the Road.” I knew it would be the end of the road for the middle guy because he was odd looking. All the other contestants pretty much look like models, so even if he was talented (and I don’t know that he was) he had little chance of staying around. This show seems a bit shallow like that.  That is him pictured above, although that photo does not give full effect of his strangeness.

So we have our teams and I would take the time to write out which singer/dancer made which team, but I figure anyone that actually cares watched it. (And I am not one of those people).

I don’t know that I will continue to watch this show (really I am not “watching” it as it is), but without any other reality dancing shows going on, I will have to peripherally pay attention so that I have something to write about until Dancing with the Stars resumes.

Bruno vs. Carrie Ann continues tonight

Has it really been a whole week since the torture that was week one of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann?  Tonight is episode two at 8/7c on ABC.

Although the episode is described as the judges picking their teams and sending two sad souls home, I think more likely that Bruno will say something “outrageous,” Carrie will say something “mean,” the two will “fight,” and a bunch of mediocre singers and dancers will reenact another episode of Kids, Incorporated.

I will be watching, of course.  Only on TiVo with the finger on the fast forward button.  Recap coming when I can actually force myself to watch.

Dancing with the Stars is the “People’s Choice”

Dancing with the Stars was named “Favorite Competition/Reality Show” at the People’s Choice Awards tonight.  That is not too big of a shock, given the extremely high ratings that the show brings in every season.

DWTS beat out its competition of American Idol and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

It is no secret that the stars love DWTS too and many long to be on it.  The latest rumored possible contestants for the new season are former professional wrestler Chyna and, on a related note, Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke.   It remains to be seen if the show has any interest in them, or if it is simply a one-sided desire.


Carrie Ann Inaba’s Birthday Celebration

Last night, while we were suffering through episode one of Dance War, Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba was celebrating her 40th birthday at Les Deux nightclub in Los Angeles.

Here are some photos, courtesy of TMZ, of Carrie Ann enjoying the night with boyfriend and former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Artem Chigvinsev.  It appears that Carrie Ann, who was raised in Hawaii, had a Hawaiian-themed party.