Jason Taylor Blog: Dancing Trumps Football

In his latest blog entry, Dancing with the Stars contestant Jason Taylor said that he won’t be watching the NFL draft this weekend because he will be too busy preparing his two dances for Monday’s show. This despite the rumors that he may be traded from the Miami Dolphins as a result of what happens this weekend.

Jason also talks about how his wife’s grandfather died this week and it has been difficult for him to handle doing the show when he really wants to be by his wife’s side.

On a lighter note, he talks about how his children love his partner Edyta Sliwinska and his daughter has named her doll “Edyta.”

You can read his whole blog entry at ESPN.

Dancing with the Stars Week 6: Marlee Matlin Eliminated

marlee-matlin-fabian-sanchez.jpgI was happy that my two favorites contestants on Dancing with the Stars (Shannon Elizabeth and Marissa Jaret Winokur) were revealed as safe earlier in the hour so I could relax a bit. I loved how enthusiastic Christian de la Fuente was after hearing he was safe. His happiness and surprise seemed really genuine.

It was a surprise for me to see Mario and Karina Smirnoff in the bottom two. I wonder if viewers did not like their sexy routine?

I was not surprised to see Marlee Matlin leave, although I will miss her inspirational quality. I thought it was sweet at the end of the episode when Tom Bergeron “stepped outside his host role” and told her, as a friend, how proud he was of her.

Dancing with the Stars Season 6: Week 6 Recap

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska -(Cha Cha Cha): Jason kept his head looking down too much during his solo dancing, looking at his feet or Edyta’s feet, which I found distracting. The choreography was fun, though. Scores: 8/8/8

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough – (Rumba): That was one beautiful routine. Elegant, graceful, and romantic. It almost is enough to actually get me to vote. The judges were not as positive, though, saying her hips and feet were problematic. Samantha Harris pressured them backstage to reveal if they there was anything more to their relationship than the show. They both said that they were focused on the show, although Derek admitted that they got into the romance of the routine when they rehearsed on the beach. Scores: 8/8/8

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Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough a couple?

shannon-elizabeth-derek-hough-dancing-with-the-stars-kiss.jpgI wrote a couple of weeks ago, after Shannon Elizabeth gave Derek Hough a kiss on the cheek as he was loaded into an ambulance, that the rumors would no doubt start that they more than just dance partners.

People has posted the above photo which appears to show them engaged in a kiss.  What do you think?  Are they really a couple, having a fun fling, or just trying to garner more votes?

Marissa Jaret Winokur getting talk show

According to Under Five Four, Dancing with the Stars contestant Marissa Jaret Winokur is getting her own talk show!  She certainly has enough personality to pull it off.  I wonder if it will be a celebrity guest show or more “regular” people?  Hopefully it will incorporate music and dancing.  The show is not expected to debut until sometime in 2009.

Lacey Schwimmer dating David Cook?

sytycd-magic-mountain-2.jpgRumor has it that former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Lacey Schwimmer is dating American Idol contestant David Cook.  I must be really out of the loop, because last I heard she was dating co-star Hok Konishi.  Anyone know what happened there?

I haven’t watched American Idol since the Ruben Studdard days so I know nothing about this Cook fellow.

Dancing with the Stars 6: Priscilla Presley Eliminated

priscilla-presley-dancing-with-the-stars.jpgThis week on Dancing with the Stars, Christian de la Fuente and Priscilla Presley were in the bottom two.  I was very happy for Marisa Jaret Winokur to get through this week because she was so happy to be through.

At two minutes before the end of the show, Priscilla Presley was eliminated.  She didn’t seem too upset about it, but I am a bit disappointed.  Of course at this stage of the game, when all the really bad dancers are already gone, it is easy to make a case for everyone.

Dancing with the Stars: Week 5

Mario and Karina Smirnoff – (Samba): This was a really fun routine, although I didn’t care for the scantily clad tweety bird look that Karina had going. Scores: 9/9/9

Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel – (Rumba): I thought it was a romantic routine, but she made a lot of mistakes. I also thought that it was excruciatingly slow. Scores: 7/7/7

Marisa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani – (Samba): This is the routine that I knew she had in her. Fast, fun, and a lot of shaking going on. One of my favorites of the night. I thought the scores would good, but then compared to other couples that did not perform as well, it seems a bit low (or the other couples’ scores were too high). Scores: 8/8/8

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Dancing with the Stars Six: Adam Carolla Eliminated

adam-carolla.jpgPrior to the elimination on Dancing with the Stars, they had two couples of child ballroom dancers aged 8 and 9 perform and get critiqued by the judges. They were absolutely and adorable and I really enjoyed watching them. Think there will be a spin-off Dancing with the Children?

The bottom two was made up of Priscilla Presley and Adam Carolla.

And the dancer eliminated was Adam Carolla. Relief set in for me because I was worried Priscilla would get eliminated based on her low scores because she did a lift. I think that she has a lot of great longtime potential for this season.

So no big shock here tonight, thankfully. I liked what Adam said in his closing remarks. He said that not everyone can have a chance to be on DWTS, but there is something that scares everyone and they should go out and do it. He also said that he had lost a certain amount of fat during the show, but had gained “105 pounds of angel” in Julianne. I thought that was sweet.

Dancing with the Stars Season 6: Week 4

The dancers really upped their game this week and the judges finally handed out some 10s this week.  If you didn’t watch, you may be surprised who were the dancers who picked them up.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas – (Paso Doble): I really loved this routine. I thought that Kristi really had the acting down this week and was really working her skirt/cape. Scores: 10/9/10 Those were the first 10s of the season and well deserved I think.

Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel – (Viennese Waltz): This was a beautiful and romantic waltz and Priscilla continues to impress me. She is definitely top notch with her acting. Carrie Ann and Len said that they did a lift and deducted a point. Scores: 7/7/8

Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough – (Paso Doble): Adam wore a mustache, I guess to look more like Zorro? On him it just makes him look more porn star. I liked that he came out on a unicycle, although I didn’t get the correlation. The routine was just okay and his solo parts were pretty awkward like the jump turn. During the judge segment, Adam echoed my porn star comment. (I swear I wrote it before he said it. Wait, that means we think alike. Eek). Then Julianne said, “Oh, shit” which got bleeped. Not sure if she actually said it or just mouthed it, but it was bleeped anyway. Score: 6/7/6

Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez – (Viennese Waltz) It was a sweet and romantic routine, although it didn’t really knock my socks off. I liked how at the end of the dance, Fabian gave her the sign for love. The routine made Carrie Ann cry. Scores: 8/8/8

Mario and Karina Smirnoff – (Paso Doble): This was a very entertaining routine and I loved Mario’s intensity. I didn’t really agree with Len’s sentiment that Mario has one style of dancing: wild. Scores: 8/7/9

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska -(Viennese Waltz): He looked awkward at times due to his height, although the choreography was pretty. Also, I didn’t really get a great romantic vibe, although what do I know because the judges thought it was sexy and beautiful and gave him great scores. Scores: 10/9/10

Cristià¡n de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke – (Paso Doble): In the clip prior to their dance, it showed them going to Cheryl’s dance studio opening and speaking with Drew Lachey (former partner and rumored lover) about how Cheryl is as a teacher. This was a great routine and the first time that I was really impressed by Christian. That is once I got passed their leather/pleather costumes that reminded me of garbage bags. Scores: 9/8/9

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