Recent Allison Holker Solo

During last year’s season of So You Think You Can Dance, I thought that contemporary dancer Allison Holker was sent home too early. Her obvious talent is shown in this solo that she performed at a NYCDA (New York City Dance Alliance) event earlier this year. Although it is kind of difficult to tell in the video, the caption on YouTube indicates that the woman who joins her near the end of the dance is this season’s SYTYCD contestant Jaimie Goodwin.

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“You Can’t Stop the Beat” Group Dance

Here is a video of the group dance that opened last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which was performed to you “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. The song is the new version from the movie.

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Neil and Lauren’s Jazz Routine

Here is a video of Neil and Lauren’s jazz routine from this week’s episode of So You Think You Dance. It was choreographed by Wade Robson, who I think has the most creativity of all the choreographers and is not afraid to try new things.

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Pasha and Sara’s West Coast Swing Routine

Here is a video from YouTube of Pasha and Sara’s West Coast Swing routine from this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. It includes the clips of rehearsal, featuring choreographer Benji Schwimmer.

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Shocking results show: Shauna sent home

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance started with a group routine choreographed by Hairspray director and choreographer Adam Shankman, this week’s guest judge. The dance was performed to the song “You Can’t Stop The Beat.” I thought the routine was great (but I am partial because I love Hairspray the musical) and their outfits were so cute, especially the fun 60s dresses that the women wore.

Cat Deeley, on the other hand, wore a tutu-like blue dress, which looked like something I might have made in 7th grade sewing class (although I didn’t make a dress, I made shorts in a funny duck print). As an aside, I used to love it when Cat Deeley would say “Here are your judges!” in her great accent because I like the funny way that she pronounced “judges.” Why has she been encouraging the audience to say “judges” lately, instead of her saying it? It really annoys me.

The bottom three couples tonight were:

Anya and Danny: Nigel said that he was not surprised that they were in the bottom, but was sad about it. Adam Shankman said that he wanted to retract the “arrogant” comment he made against Danny last night. I am disappointed in that, because it is so rare that the guest judges are honest and not just cheerleaders. If he thought it was true last night, he should stick with that sentiment.

Shauna and Cedric: I think the trick worked: the judges said good things about Cedric, he got no sympathy votes and ended up in the bottom. Although Mary said last night that she wanted Cedric to say, I can say with confidence that I believe he will be going home tonight.

Jaimie and Hok: This one makes me sad, because I love them (I even voted for them). Hopefully they will be around for another week.

They showed a clip of the cast earlier this week at the premiere of Hairspray. They were all dressed up, except for Lauren who was wearing a negligee.

The Solos
Anya: She wore a skin-tight leopard print number with weird stringy bits hanging from it. Her dance was nothing special.

Danny: He went topless and showed great spinning ability (again). It seemed too similar to what we have seen him do before.

Shauna: Her routine was similar to some of her past work, although she was very smiley this time around.

Cedric: I think he should have come out and done a contemporary routine. That would have been shocking. Instead he did what he does best, although I am guessing it will not be enough. (Hopefully Debbie Allen’s offer from a few weeks of go is still available to him).

Jaimie: I thought her routine was good. She performed to the same Nelly Furtado song that I saw a clip of her performing to over the SYTYCD vacation.

Hok: He danced to “Ease on Down the Road” from The Wiz, which was a great choice. His routine was my favorite.

While the judges deliberated, Hilary Duff performed. She and her back-up dancers were dressed up like belly dancers.

The judges were unanimous in both decisions. They said that they were basing it on the season as a whole and not the solos tonight. I don’t think this is right because last time, they sent Jesus home based on the solos alone. The judges need to be more consistent in their rationale.

And the two dancers eliminated were….

Shauna!! I am shocked. I had already written down “Anya” and had to erase it. Nigel said that Shauna did not have the “growth” or “personality” needed. Big mistake by the judges on this one I think.


Cedric: Well, at least they got one right.

What did you all think of the results? I still can’t believe it.

The Final Fourteen Performance Show

As promised, Adam Shankman, director and choreographer of the new Hairspray movie appeared as guest judge on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. He told Cat that she looked “catastrophically catastic.” Cat Deeley wore a sparkly dress today that reminded me a bit of a tie-dye T-shirt, but shinier. Adam said that during the filming of Hairspray, the principal cast came over to his house each week to watch So You Think You Can Dance? and they all debated who should win.

Nigel Lythgoe said that he received a petition with over 1000 signatures asking for Jessi Peralta to be returned to the show because America did not put her into the bottom three. He said that it was a tough decision, but that the judges picked the top 20 dancers and put them there to begin with. He said that “we love each and every one of them.” Mary Murphy added that she loves Jesàºs and will miss seeing him on the stage.

Here are the recaps of the performances (along with “interesting facts” we learned about each dancer)
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SYTYCD cast attend Hairspray premiere

The stars were out last night in Hollywood for the premiere of the new film version of Hairspray. Given that it is Hairspray week on So You Think You Can Dance, the cast went to the premiere. Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, and Mary Murphy were among those photographed on the red carpet. This year’s dancers were also apparently invited, something that we will likely see one of the episodes this week.

On her twitter account, season three dancer Jaimie Goodwin wrote last night:

Walking the red carpet at the hairspray premiere.. Then off to the afterparty =) how cool!!!

Shane Sparks Endorses Hok


In a brief interview with a TMZ videographer So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Shane Sparks said that if it were up to him, he would pick Hok Konishi to be this season’s winner. To see the interview, check out this link.

The student becomes the teacher

According to Blogging So You Think You Can Dance, one of this week’s couples will be dancing a West Coast Swing routine, choreographed by last year’s winner Benji Schwimmer, along with fellow finalist, and his cousin, Heidi Groskreutz! West Coast Swing is Benji’s forte, so I am sure that he will come up with a great routine. I really like how the participants from season two have been featured this season.

Blogging SYTYCD has also posted spoilers of what type of dance all of the couples are performing this week, so check it out here if you can’t stand the suspense!

Hilary Duff to perform on Thursday’s results show


According to both duckyxdale and Reality Wanted, Hilary Duff will be this week’s musical guest on So You Think You Can Dance, performing on Thursday’s results show. No word if she is going to actually sing or if she will primarily lip-synch like Fergie did last week. For those not in the know, the musical performance is used as filler while the judges deliberate and reach their decision.

I almost think it would be better to have a professional dance routine and skip the whole singing performance. Wouldn’t that make more sense? They could have a professional ballroom couple one week, a professional hip-hop team the next. It would be more entertaining that the parade of pop stars and would relate more to the theme of the show.