Nigel Lythgoe Dating Priscilla Presley?


According to TMZ, Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of So You Think You Can Dance was recently observed at a Los Angeles restaurant “swapping spit” with Priscilla Presley. Nigel separated from his wife Bonnie earlier this year. I had not even heard that they were a couple, but apparently they have been together for several months. Is this news to other people, too, or am I the only one out of the loop?

Sara VonGillern and Neil Haskell Disco Routine

The best routine of last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance was Sara VonGillern and Neil Haskell’s disco routine. The video is below.

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Down to Eight: Jaimie and Kameron sent home

In tonight’s results show of So You Think You Can Dance, the bottom four dancers were those that I had predicted: Lauren, Jaimie, Kameron, and Dominic. What I did not predict was the show’s ability to stretch out the results for an entire hour. There were recaps and more recaps and then the bottom four danced, even though the solos would not be used as the basis for elimination. For the first time this season, the dancers who were going home were decided solely based on home audience voting and the outcome determined before the hour even began.

What was interesting was that apparently last night’s episode caused controversy. Mia’s military jacket offended some military personnel because an emblem on the sleeve was upside sown. Mia said that she just wore the jacket for fashion and got it from a friend. According to Nigel, there were a lot of complaints about the anti-war solo that the dancers all performed. I have a feeling that it was the conservative higher-ups at the Fox network that were upset by it. The song in no way disrespected the military and if they had watched the dances and read the words on the dancers’ shirts they would have realized that. I liked Nigel’s point that no one is really “pro-war.”

After 54 minutes of filler, they finally got down to the first elimination. Jaimie was sent home. I am very disappointed by this, as I think she is a much better dancer than Lauren. Between the two guys, Kameron was sent home. It makes me wonder if being partnered with Lacey helped him throughout the competition thus far by keeping him out of the bottom three couples and without her, and having to be voted on as an individual, he just did not have the votes.

What do you think? Did the right dancers go home? What do you think about the jacket and solo controversies?

Dancing with the Stars for the Nintendo Wii?

According to gaming site Kotaku, game maker Activision is working on a video game version of Dancing with the Stars for the Nintendo Wii. It should be available in November of this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nintendo Wii, it is an interactive gaming console, which means that to play the games, you have to physicalyl do the actions, rather than just clicking buttons. So that means that the game will probably involve you actually physically dancing in some capacity.

I may have to get the game when it comes out, purely for research purposes for the blog, of course.

Tickets for So You Think You Can Dance Tour on Sale August 11th

The tickets for this year’s national tour of So You Think You Can Dance will go on sale on Saturday, August 11th. The tour will run from September 21st through November 30th. To see if your favorite dancers are coming to a city near you, check out this link.

SYTYCD Top Ten Peformance Show

We are down to the final 10 dancers this week on So You Think You Can Dance. This is where the competition gets even more difficult with the addition of solos. Mia Michaels is the third judge this week. Ordinarily it would be a good thing for the contemporary dancers to have Mia pulling for them in the voting. Since the judges no longer have a say in the voting, I guess it does not matter who the third judge is. Mia wore a strange military/marching band-like jacket that reminded me of either Michael Jackson or The Music Man. I can’t decide which. Cat Deeley looked great again this week. Maybe she has finally met with a stylist. She wore a bluish/purplish off-the-shoulder dress. (A mini-dress of course. I am not sure if she intentionally buys mini-dresses or if all dresses look short on her because she is so tall). I didn’t love the black sash/belt thing, but the color of the dress made the dress a winner overall.

Starting this week, all of the couples have been mixed up. Additionally, all the dancers will perform the same solo, choreographed by Wade Robson. It makes sense to have them all do the same routine, because then you can truly compare all the dancers to one another. Wade said that dance is about peace and the war. It is about doing what we can to change the world. They each chose a word to spray paint on their T-shirts, such a patience, love, and communication.

Here are my thoughts on the performances:

Pasha and Lauren
Hiphop: choreographed by Shane Sparks
The routine was just okay to me. They wore skeleton shirts and acted a bit robotic. I thought Lauren did well, but Pasha looked stiff. Nigel thought the routine was great. He called Pasha the “best Russian hip-hop dancer in town.” Mary thought they “clicked” as a couple. Mia thought Pasha was “excellent” and that Lauren is “blowin’ up.” Maybe they expected so little of Pasha that they were easily impressed by him? Or maybe I just don’t know what I am talking about?

Kameron and Sabra
Contemporary: choreographed by Tyce Diorio
I thought this routine was absolutely beautiful. They were both very fluid and Sabra had some magnificent leaps. Nigel said it was “really well danced,” but he did not believe Kameron’s emotional journey. Mary agreed and said that they did not have the magic between them. She said that Kameron’s extensions were left short, but that Sabra was “pure perfection.” Mia said that Kameron was “exposed” tonight and his technique was “immature.” (This probably just means that more people will vote for him. I almost wish that the judges would not say anything at all at this point).

Danny and Lacey
Samba: choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin & Heidi Groskreutz
This routine was pretty hot. This was the first time that I actually saw Danny showing some emotion/passion toward his partner. Maybe he just didn’t like his old partner, Anya? Nigel said that Lacey needed to use Danny more during the routine. He said that what Danny lacked in technique, he made up in performance. Mary said it wasn’t her favorite for Danny because it was lacking in technique. She said that Lacey’s technique was “fabulous.” Mia said it was the sexiest dance so far this season (I actually agree with Mia!) She called Danny a “stallion” and said that Lacey was “hot” and “ridiculous.”

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Laila Ali Wedding Photos

Here are some great photos from former Dancing with the Stars contestant Laila Ali’s wedding over the weekend. The first photograph shows off her beautiful champagne-colored dress. The second photograph is Laila posing with her new husband and her father Muhammad Ali. Photos are courtesy of The Insider.

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New SYTYCD Pairings Revealed

We got the inside scoop of the new partner pairings at So You Think You Can Dance from duckyxdale. There are some interesting match-ups.

Here are new couples:

Neil Haskell and Sara Von Gillern

Dominic Sandoval and Jaimie Goodwin

Pasha and Lauren Gottlieb

Kameron Bink and Sabra Johnson

Danny Tidwell and Lacey Schwimmer

I am very excited to see the dancers with new partners. Pasha and Sara have already showed this season that they can adapt to a new partner. It will be interesting to see if the rest can do so as well. I am also intrigued with the Danny/Lacey match-up, because their dancing personalities are so different. Danny has to remember to smile, while Lacey does not appear to have a “smile-off” button. Hopefully they will get together in that department.

According to duckyxdale, each dancer will also perform a solo. The best part is that each of the solos will be choreographed by Wade Robson. He is definitely the best choreographer on the show, in my opinion. Hopefully he won’t be stretched too thin having to come up with ten creative routines for the week.


National Public Radio did a piece on So You Think You Can Dance on their Morning Edition on Monday. The brief story did not reveal too much for those of us who follow the show, but rather sought to educate those of its listeners unfamiliar with SYTYCD. They spoke with Nigel Lythgoe who said that he believes that the show will inspire a whole new generation of dancers with kinds of dancing they have never seen before. They also spoke with dancers at a ballet company where one of this year’s contestants, Danny Tidwell, studied. To listen to the story, click here.

So You Think You Can Dance renewed for ’08


Fox has announced that So You Think You Can Dance will be back for the 2008 summer season. The show has performed well in the ratings this year, with both the Wednesday and Thursday episodes ranking in the top three in all-important 18-49 and 18-34 categories and winning its time period.