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Sara VonGillern: Women aren’t just sexual objects


Giving us another reason to love her (and to miss her now that she has been voted off of So You Think You Can Dance), Sara VonGillern expressed to Daemon’s TV what she hopes other women have gotten from her performances:

Just that, hopefully for the girls, that they’re inspired to a be little bit stronger because I think a lot of time in the hip hop world the video girls wear the revealing clothes and dance around, just sexual objects. What I do is more a strength and shows that woman can be powerful too. Hopefully, it inspires them to dance and be themselves.

Hopefully the young women that have enjoyed her this season on the show have received that message. The world of music videos can often be demeaning to women and hopefully that will change with the increased presence of strong female dancers.

She also talked about something that I have thought each season of the show. What would happen if the trained contemporary dancers had to do a breaking routine?

I think that (Dominic) and I and even Hok did a very good job of breaking out of our element, doing things we didn’t know we could do. Honestly I think it’s like, it’s funny because I don’t think the contemporary dancer or the other trained dancers could do the breaking. It’s something you can’t pick up like that.

Scary Spice To Join Dancing with the Stars?


Rumor has it that Melanie Brown, also known as Scary Spice of the Spice Girls, as well as the mother of Eddie Murphy’s new baby daughter, may be joining this fall’s season of Dancing with the Stars.

According to DigitalSpy, Mel B. is hoping to improve her image in the United States by appearing on the show, much like Heather Mills did last season. As a result of the birth of her baby and the paternity controversy with Murphy, she has not been portrayed that well in the media.

I am not sure if it will possible for her to join Dancing with the Stars, however, because the Spice Girls reunion tour starts in December. Dancing with the Stars, which begins airing in September, takes a lot of rehearsal and I don’t know if Mel B. would have time to do both the show and prepare for her tour.

SYTYCD Video: Sara VonGillern Tribute

In honor of the departure of our favorite So You Think You Can Dance contestant Sara VonGillern, I present the following video tribute. It was created by YouTube user Corrismatic. It is a great look at Sara’s partner dances throughout the season.

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SYTYCD Elimination: Two bad breaks

This was another sad elimination episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Cat Deeley looked rather elegant in a pretty black cocktail dress and her hair tightly pulled back in a bun. She has finally returned to saying “judges” in her Cat Deeley way rather than having the audience shout it out. This makes me happy. I love how she says it. It sounds like “jidges.”

The group dance was a Shane Sparks routine set to the song “Get Up” by Ciara. The dark make-up and clothing that the dancers wore made it a bit like a Wade Robson copycat. I found it more enjoyable than Shane’s other routines, although I was a little unclear what the theme was: The Matrix? Not quite sure.

Each dancer performed a solo in their own style. I was disappointed that they did not all dance the same solo, like they did last week. I wonder if they got a lot of negative feedback that people did not like seeing the same dance over and over? I really liked it because it was easier to compare all of the dancers to one another. Oh, well. No once asked me. Here are my thoughts on each of their solos:

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Lacey and Neil dance contemporary: best routine ever?

Here is a video from last night’s epsiode of So You Think You Can Dance. It is Lacey and Neil’s contemporary routine, which all of the judges were completely in love with. Nigel called it the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. What do you think? As a bonus, after the jump, I added a video of Lacey and Neil’s Latin Jazz routine as well, which features Neil without his shirt on.

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SYTYCD Top 8 Performance Show

Adam Shankman returned as guest judge this week on So You Think You Can Dance. Cat Deeley continued her streak of cute dresses with a sparkly blue number. Her hair was also nice and straight and sans weird flower thing that she had last week.

This week each couple performed two partner dances, the first time this season that they have had to perform twice as a couple in one show. Here are my thoughts on each dance, as well as some of things that the judges had to say.

Danny & Sara
Argentine Tango, choreographer Alex Da Silva
This routine was pretty hot. Sara’s high boots were great. I liked what Sara called the “pretzel maneuver” where she twisted and turned her body. Although I was nervous that there would not be chemistry between the two because their personalities are so different, I thought that they worked really well together.

Adam Shankman said that he was proud of Sara and said that there was no shred of the B-girl in that performance. He called Danny the best dancer that they have ever had on the show. Mary said the beginning of the routine was great, especially Danny’s pirouettes. She did not like part of the choreography that deviated from the Argentine Tango, but loved it overall. Nigel thought it was very sexy, but would have liked more in Sara’s face. He was also impressed with Danny’s pirouettes.

Hip-hop, choreographed by Shane Sparks
They danced to “Push” it by Salt N Pepa, which I love and even wore old school outfits, complete with spray-painted T-shirts. I liked the routine overall in terms of entertainment value. There were several points where they were not together which was distracting.

Adam did not like their outfits. Nigel said that they were not ghetto, but were more Sesame Street. Adam said that they were good and that they are the most versatile couple. Mary said that the dancing was not hard-hitting enough for her and they were “too cute.” Nigel said that said that they “didn’t achieve it together.”

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High School Musical: Baseball players don’t dance

The movie High School Musical, which stars Zac Efron, was a great platform for current and past contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. Last year’s contestant Allison Holker and current contestant Sabra Johnson were both in the film. The sequel, High School Musical 2, will debut on August 17th.

Here is a video from High School Musical 2 called “I Don’t Dance.” It is set on a baseball field and is inter-spliced with clips of Major League baseball players saying “I don’t dance.” Among the players is Justin Verlander, a Detroit Tigers pitcher who, although he does not dance, did have a no-hitter earlier this season.

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Reality Dancing Comment Contest

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered.  This contest has been completed.  Congratulations to the winner, Mellissa.

Over the past weekend, I went to the Blogher conference and received some great items from the sponsors of the conference. Now I want to pass some of this swag onto one lucky reader so I am going to have a comment contest! All you have to do to be eligible is to leave a comment on this blog about who you want to win So You Think You Can Dance. One winner will receive a “get healthy” kit. The prize details and official rules are below. Good Luck!

The rules:
1. To be eligible, you must comment on this or any post on Reality Dancing and write who you want to win So You Think You Can Dance this season.

2. Make sure to enter your correct e-mail address because that is how I will be notifying the winner. If you are selected as the winner, you must give your mailing address to Reality Dancing in order to be sent your prize. It will not be used for any other purpose.

3. All comments between now and 8:00 a.m. Central Time on Tuesday August 7th will be eligible.

4. Only one entry per person.

5. One lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries.

The Prize
A “get healthy kit” featuring:

A pedometer
A sweat towel
A CD (Christine Kane’s Right Outta Nowhere)
A bound, lined journal


Top 8 Spoilers: Each Couple Performs Twice

mregirl23 at Live Journal has the spoilers for this week’s performance show of So You Think You Can Dance. She is very detailed in her recap, so don’t go visit her site unless you want to know all the details, including the comments from the judges. I just skimmed it to get the pairings and the dance types because I want to be surprised and then judge the dances for myself before I read what the judges have to say.

This will mark the first week where each couple will perform together twice during the show. I like it when there are two couples dances because then if a couple gets stuck with poor choreography in one dance, they can make up for it in the second. Adam Shankman of Hairspray fame has returned again as the guest judge.

Here are this week’s pairings and the type of dance they performed:

Danny & Sara: Tango and Hiphop

Dominic & Lauren: Krump and Rumba

Neil & Lacey: Latin Jazz and Contemporary

Pasha & Sabra: Broadway and Quickstep