SYTYCD Season 2 Top Four Performance

Here is a video of a performance of the top four from last season of So You Think You Can Dance. Although the choreography is not really complex, the routine is very entertaining. Watching the video again, I was struck by how I do not really have a connection to anyone in the top four like I did last year. Last season Donyelle Jones was my favorite from the beginning. This year my favorite, Sara VonGillern did not make it to the finale.

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So You Think You Can Dance Top Four Revealed

The opening group number on So You Think You Can Dance was another bizarre Wade Robson routine. I am not exactly sure what they were supposed to be: jungle dwellers? zombies? animals? insects? The routine was enjoyable, except that I did not like the fact that they all kept repeatedly sticking their tongues out. For some reason that really bothered me.

Cat Deeley wore a pretty black dress, although I did not like the black feathers at the top of the dress, which resembled a dead bird. Guest judge Debbie Allen announced that former SYTYCD contestant Cedric will will be a part of the Debbie Allen dance school starting in September. She then introduced the first guest performer: Titus Fotso and the African Dance Music Ensemble.

The rest of the recap and the results are after the jump.
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So You Think You Can Dance Top Six in People Magazine


The latest addition of People magazine features the top six dancers from this season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Some interesting facts about each of the top six:

  • Lacey Schwimmer can burp on command.
  • Sabra Johnson is considering a career with the CIA her dancing career.
  • Danny Tidwell wants to lick Sabra’s toes.(Source)
  • Neil Haskell was the MVP of his high school volleyball team.
  • Pasha Kovalev would like to teach children to dance.
  • Lauren Gottleib uses body make-up to cover the numerous bruises on her legs.
  • A photo of Neil after the jump.
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    Reminder: SYTYCD Results Show Tonight!

    Just a reminder that we will found out who the top four dancers are on tonight’s recorded results show of So You Think You Can Dance. Apparently Fox’s clever idea of having the studio audience leave before the results were announced on Thursday has prevented the large amount of spoilers that I had expected. Although, I admit that I did not go searching for spoilers, because I would be surprised when I watch the show.

    Also, another reminder that the final performance show is this Wednesday and on Thursday we will learn who has been crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer.” Did you watch last season? You can read my recap of last year’s finale here if you want to know how the results were handed down. I really hope that they change the way that it is announced, because the results seemed so abrupt last year at times and so drawn out at other times.

    No Studio Audience for Latest So You Think You Can Dance Results

    According to Give Me My Remote, the studio audience at the the taping of last night’s results episode of So You Think You Can Dance was excused before the results were announced. This was done to prevent spoilers of the results being spread around the internet ahead of Monday’s airing of the episode. Although the results show is normally shown live on Thursday, it was preempted in favor of NFL Preseason football and will air prerecorded on Monday.

    Give Me My Remote also reports that the reactions of the audience were recorded as they announced every dancer safe, most likely so that the reactions can be edited into the footage of the actual announcement.

    I have no doubt that the results will somehow get out between now and Monday, anyway. At least now, though, there is not a whole audience worth of people willing to spread the results.

    Lauren and Danny Contemporary Routine

    Here is a video of Lauren and Danny’s contemporary routine this week on So You Think You Can Dance, which was choreographed by Mia Michaels.

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    Sabra and Neil’s 80’s Power Lunch Jazz Routine

    Here is a video from this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. It is the jazz routine performed by Sabra Johnson and Neil Haskell. As I mentioned in my recap, choreographer Mandy Moore was going for a “80’s power lunch” theme.

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    SYTYCD Final 6 Performace Show

    Debbie Allen returned as guest host against this week on So You Think You Can Dance. I didn’t really like Cat Deeley’s dress this week. The colors and the sparkle are good, but the pattern looks like a bad paint-by-number painting.

    This is the last show before the finale. Each dancer will again perform two couples dances and one solo dance. Don’t forget that the tickets for the SYTYCD tour go on sale this Saturday. Details at

    Lacey & Pasha
    Hip-Hop: Choreography by Dave Scott
    Lacey was a mannequin and Pasha was tasked with getting her to wake up. Pasha looked goofy with his glasses and mannerisms, though I guess he was supposed to. Lacey barely danced the entire first half of the routine. Once they actually started dancing together it was okay. Lacey was better than Pasha and when they both danced, his lack of skill in the area showed more.

    Nigel thought that they brought their characters to life. Mary said that Pasha was “crazy good” and thought Lacey was great as well. Debbie thought it was a “great opening number.”

    Smooth Waltz: choreographed by Hunter Johnson
    This was a very pretty routine, although, admittedly, I cannot tell a good waltz routine from a great one. I enjoyed watching it and it is clear that both of them are wonderful at ballroom routines like this.

    Nigel thought the flow and the lines were beautiful, but Lacey’s hand flopped at the end of her arm too much. Mary thought it was “dreamlike” and even though the movements were very tough, they had passion throughout. Debbie thought it shows how versatile you have to be on this show and thought they were both “beautiful.”

    Lauren & Danny
    Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels
    Mia said that this routine was inspired by aliens, because Mia thinks that they are cooler than people. I really liked this routine. It was much faster paced than a typical Mia routine. I thought that they were great together, using the whole stage, and did some incredible movements and leaps.

    Nigel called it “incredible” and said that Lauren finally reached her potential. Mary screamed and said it was “a special routine.” She said that they were on the “bullet” hot tamale train tonight. Debbie said that they were “every choreographer’s dream.”

    Disco, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
    This routine was a lot more complicated than previous disco routinues, but it was missing something for me. I am not sure what. Maybe the complex maneuvers slowed it down a bit? It just didn’t have that spark that I was hoping for in a disco routine.

    Nigel said it was a tough routine and that disco makes him happy to watch. Mary liked it and thought that Lauren looked like “the 70s goddess” and they “really pulled it off.” Debbie said that they are a good pair.

    Sabra & Neil
    Jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore
    The theme was an “80’s jazz power lunch.” (?) It meant that Neil’s hair was very flat and they used a table as a prop throughout most of the dance. I thought that this a very creative routine and was very impressed by both the choreography and their dancing. They had a simultaneous spin that was great. There was also a great part where Neil flipped over top of Sabra while she was laying on the table.

    Nigel said that the dancing this week has been incredible and he hopes that the finale can live up to this. Mary said, “I’m still smiling.” Debbie said, “that’s how I like it. Give it to me hard. Give it to me strong.”

    Paso Doble, choreographed by Tony Meredith
    This was a really fun routine and I just loved Sabra’s red dress. I thought that they were both fantastic.

    Nigel said “that was absolutely stunning.” He thinks that either of them could win the competition. Mary said it was first time there has been a series of twist-turns on the show and that the choreography was very challenging. Mary said that they are back on the hot tamale train. Neil pointed out that it was his first time “on the train.” Debbie said she was “thrilled,” to watch the routine, even though she thought that they did not really need to see another paso doble routine.
    The Solos
    I find it hard to judge the solos because it seems like the dancers do basically the same thing each week. That is why I liked it when they were given solo choreography because then at least it was something new.

    Sabra: I thought that her routine was very good, although similar to what we have seen her do in the past. She is definitely my favorite dancer left in the competition.

    Pasha: He had a headless mannequin on the stage with him wearing a blue ball gown. It was strange. I was so distracted by the mannequin that I do not even remember how he danced.

    Lauren: A lot like her other solos, although she added more spins this week, which I thought were done well. I also wish she would not smile all the time and would not worry so much about where the camera/audience are.

    Neil: He had some great leaps and spins as usual, as well as one big filp. There was a girl in the stands that had a sign that said, “Neil, you make me squeal.” Funny.

    Lacey: There was a lot of focus on her hips and butt in this routine. I was happy to see some new choreography in a solo for a change. She also had the best outfit of the night: a cute black dress with fringe.

    Danny: He has finally stopped being annoying to me. He had one part of the solo where he sprawled on the floor and then smiled into the camera. Normally I would have been irritated by such antics from him, but I actually found it endearing.

    Reminder: The results show will NOT be airing on Thursday. It will air on Monday because Fox is choosing to show football Thursday night instead.

    Shane Sparks Gives Dancing Advice


    It the latest issue of US Weekly magazine, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Shane Sparks gives some advice to us regular folks on how to dance. He says that the key is to be “sexy and confident.” He says to keep it simple and “step right then left, add a little turn now and then–you can’t go wrong.” He encourages girls to swing your hips with your hands over your head. Hmm. That advice is not exactly going to turn me into Sara VonGillern or Lacey Schwimmer any time soon.

    In the article, Shane also rates the dancing ability of several celebrities, based on photographs of them dancing. He gives high marks to Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier and Step Up‘s Channing Tatum. He was not as impressed with Kevin Bacon or Hugh Jackson.

    The article appears in the August 13th issue, on stands now.

    Has SYTYCD Been Like Summer School?

    A high school teacher wrote an article in which she surmises, based on her review of comments around the blogosphere that the “children” who watch So You Think You Can Dance have the ability to think critically about the dance pieces that they see on the show and judge them based on a variety of criteria.

    Her findings made her confident that it will translate to the classroom:

    Their reactions made me realize that cultural standards are alive and well in our children, and that makes me look forward to using TV-land as an illustration of how critical theory can be used to analyze what my students are actually reading and watching. Judging what is good and beautiful is not just for the classroom anymore.

    Why did it take reading a bunch of blog comments for her to realize that high school students have the ability to think critically? That seems to be coming from a place of assumption about what children are capable of and she acts almost surprised that students could be capable of such thought. That being said, why is she assuming that all of the comments that she is reading come from children/high school age children? I am an adult, many of commenters on this blog are adults, and many of the fans of So You Think You Can Dance are also adults.

    Further, I think that she is overly optimistic to assume that because of comments that she read about Lacey and Neil’s latest contemporary dance, that her students will be more engaged in her coursework. If memory serves, any time a teacher required me to watch television or discuss it as part of the curriculum, it was not as fun anymore. It is sort of the natural rebellion of children, I suppose. Also, the beauty of having a show like SYTYCD on during the summer is that it allowed both children and adults alike to experience culture and form their own opinions about it, without influence.