Dancing with the Stars Flashback: Apolo Anton Ohno Freestyle

In the last in our series of Dancing with the Stars flashback videos, here is season four winner Apolo Anton Ohno and his partner Julianne Hough performing a freestlyle routine. The dance, performed to “Bust a Move,” earned them three 10s from the judges.

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Wayne Newton Rumored to Join Dancing with the Stars: Official Announcement August 29th


According to Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, will be joining the cast of the new season of Dancing with the Stars. The official announcement will be made by Judge Carrie Ann Inaba and Season four winner Apolo Anton Ohno on August 29th on Good Morning America.

Dancing with the Stars Flashback: Emmitt Smith Freestyle

Continuing our look back at some Dancing with the Stars memorable moments from the previous seasons, here is season three winner Emmitt Smith performing a freestlyle routine with his partner Cheryl Burke to “You Can’t Touch This.” The song is complete with the running man and the M.C. Hammer dance that made me nostalgic for my old pair of Hammer pants.

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Dancing with the Stars Flashback: Drew Lachey Freestyle

Continuing with our Dancing with the Stars memories this week, here is a video of season two winner Drew Lachey and his partner Cheryl Burke performing a freestyle routine. The western-themed routine, which was set to the song “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” earned them three 10s in the finale.

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Dancing with the Stars Flashback: Kelly Monaco Freestyle

While we await the new season of Dancing with the Stars, I thought we could spend the week looking back at great performances from the previous seasons. To stars us off, here is the Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo freestyle routine from the season one finale. The routine, which was performed to the song “Let’s Get Loud,” earned them three 10s.

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Dancing with the Stars cast announcement coming “soon”

ABC has posted a video on the Dancing with the Stars website which says that the announcement of the new season’s cast is coming “soon.” It is expected that the announcement will come on Good Morning America, as has been done in the past. Rumored possible contestants are Beverly Hills, 90210 stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, as well as Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

The season premiere is just over a month away, as the first episode will air Monday, September 24 at 8/7c.

Sabra Johnson: America’s Favorite Dancer

In honor of Sabra’s victory on So You Think You Can Dance, here is the video of her interview with Cat Deeley for the finale episode, as well as Sabra’s final solo.

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And America’s Favorite Dancer is…

The So You Think You Can Dance finale was the most surprising finale in the history of the show! While last year’s winner, Benji Schwimmer, was no surprise, I completely misjudged how America would vote this year. I am so happy with the result. What follows is my recap, which I wrote throughout the two hour finale:

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Danny and Lacey’s Viennese Waltz

So You Think You Can Dance finalists Lacey Schwimmer and Danny Tidwell performed a beautiful Viennese Waltz in the performance finale.  Here is the video of it.  I thought it was breathtaking.

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So You Think You Can Dance Final Four Performance Show

The final performance show of So You Think You Can Dance has arrived! It seems like this season has gone by so fast. It will, of course, grind to a near standstill over the next two nights however, as Fox manages to stretch the final two episodes into two hours each. It will not too difficult with the performance show tonight, where each dancer will dance with each other dancer, and dance as a group, which takes time. The real skill will come in managing to take something that could last two minutes (announcing the winner on Thursday night) and stretch it into two hours. That is genius.

Dan Karaty returned as host this week, along with the usuals Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. I was really hoping for Karaty to make an appearance this week because I think he is a very fair judge. I really liked his brown suede (velvet?) jacket this week. Mary’s green dress was really pretty today, after some questionable fashion choices earlier this year. Cat Deeley’s gold dress looked okay from a distance (I thought it was sequins), but looked like an ugly couch or curtains or something close up.

The judges talked about how great this season has been. Mary screamed. Nigel said that show will return for another season next year. They then proceeded to show the highlights of each dancer for the whole season, starting with the auditions.

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