DWTS Week 8: Cameron Mathison Eliminated

cameron-mathison-dwts.jpgDancing with the Stars the results show, week 8: After what seemed to be an even more excruciatingly long episode than normal, Cameron Mathison was sent home. (Really, can’t they just make it half an hour?)

Although I was not surprised at Cameron’s departure, given his lack of skill compared with the other dancers, I really thought that his soap opera fans would continue to put him through. Maybe they could only get him so far?

Maybe there are more nostalgic 90210 fans voting to keep Kelly Taylor, I mean Jennie Garth, in the competition? Or maybe it is her partner Derek Hough who is helping get votes? I hope that it is because that the other viewers, like myself, find her to be real, more so than the other contestants. I think that her time away from the spotlight to be a mom have made her more easy to relate to for the average viewer.

As for why Marie Osmond is still in the competition, I think it is part because of her large fan base, part because of sympathy over the loss of her father, and part because people voted extra for her because she was in last place on the judges tally. Of course being on Oprah last week certainly didn’t hurt either.

So we have our semi-finalists. Two very good dancers (Mel and Helio), one good dancer (Jennie), and one so-so dancer who is clearly clinging to life because of the fans (Marie). Who will win? I guess Mel B., although part of me really wants it to be Jennie Garth because I love an underdog.

Dancing with the Stars week 8 recap

Helio Castroneves was the star of the night, pulling off two high scoring performances, including scoring a perfect 30 on his quick step.  Mel B. was pretty close behind, thanks to her hot mambo.  Here are my thoughts on all the routines:

Jennie Garth: (Jive) I thought that this was a very fun routine, although Jennie messed up a few times on her timing and hand placement. Len said that it was not one of her best dances, Bruno said that it was a bit limp, and Carrie Ann said that her back crumbles when she dances. Jennie’s scores with partner Derek Hough were 8/8/8.

(Fox Trot) I really liked the musicality of this routine and I thought they looked like they were having a lot of fun. Carrie Ann said that her posture is better, but not to lead with her chin. Len was impressed with her and thought she did great. Bruno said that she is still not unleashing her “star power.” Her scores were 9/9/8.

Cameron Mathison: (Viennese Waltz) I thought that this was a very pretty dance, especially Edyta’s pink dress. Bruno liked it and Carrie Ann said that his holds were good. Len did not like that he Cameron was not wearing a bow tie and was showing of his chest in a waltz, but he grew to love the dance. Cameron and his partner, Edyta Sliwinski received 9/9/9 from the judges.

(Cha Cha Cha) His pants were way too tight, although I am sure that will garner him some more votes. I felt like she did a lot of the work and I hate those faces he makes. Len said that it was wooden and unnatural, but he liked it. Bruno agreed that it was stiff and Carrie Ann said that he needs to work on his in between movements. Their scores were 8/8/8.

Marie Osmond: (Rumba) I thought that it was somewhat sexy, although she did not have as much hip movement as I thought she should have. Carrie Ann said that they should have been more aggressive with moves. Len noted the lack of hip movement and said that it was a “sophisticated” version of the rumba. Bruno said that there needs to be more complicated dance moves. They gave her and her partner Jonathon Roberts 8/8/8.

(Jive): I thought that this was really fun. They did sort of a hoe-down jive and it made me smile. I don’t know if it was really a jive, though. Bruno and Carrie Ann both said that there was not enough jive in it. Len said that she gave us fun. (Aren’t the criticisms of the choreography unfair when she does not have control over that?) The scores were 8/9/8.

Helio Castroneves: (Paso Doble) I thought the routine was entertaining, although most of the complicated moves were done by Julianne Hough. This style seemed to fit him really well and really seemed into it. Len usually doesn’t like capes, but liked it in this routine. The other judges liked it as well, specifically the intensity and attention to details. The judges gave him and partner Julianne Hough 9/9/9.

(Quick Step) He did a huge leap off the steps at the beginning, which was impressive. The routine was very high energy, entertaining, and I thought that his footwork was very good. He then gave Julianne a big smooch at the end (I hope that was planned). The judges loved it. They received 10/10/10.

Mel B. (Tango): It was okay, although I was not very entertained, although Mel did a good “angry face.” Bruno called her a “really Scary Spice.” Carrie Ann said it was not “completely convincing.” Len thought that her feet were great, but that her shoulders were coming up. The judges gave her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy a score of 9/9/9.

(Mambo): She made this look so easy.  Very entertaining and a great routine.  Len was hypnotized by her hips.  Bruno said that she was on the rhythm and Carrie Ann said she loves that Maks looks like he is having fun too, which is a real testament to her ability.  The received a score of 9/10/10.

I think that Marie Osmond’s time has probably come, although because of the fan vote I would not be surprised if Jennie Garth went home instead.

What do you think? Who should be going home tomorrow?

Dancing with the Stars nominated for People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice Award Nominees have been released and Dancing with the Stars is among the choices in the “Competition/Reality Show.”

The other nominees in that category are American Idol and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

I can understand going up against American Idol, but I think the maybe they need to take a clue from the Emmy Awards and have separate categories for “reality” documentary type shows and for “reality” competition shows.

If you want to vote, visit the People’s Choice website here. The awards will air in January.


Dancing with the Stars tour tickets onsale tomorrow


Tickets for the traveling Dancing with the Stars tour will go on sale tomorrow, Saturday November 10th. Time of sale varies by city.

The tour runs from December 18th through February 10th and will visit cities all over the country. Be sure to check the tour listing here, for when the tour will be in your area.

It is also important to note that not all dancers will be at every tour date. The tour listing specifies which professional dancers and which “stars” are expected to be at each venue. I would imagine that more of the current season’s stars will be able to commit to the tour in the future as well.

DWTS: Mel B’s Perfect Paso

Here is a video of Mel B. and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performing their Paso Doble routine this week on Dancing with the Stars.  They received a perfect 30 from the judges.  What did you think of the routine?  The video also shows off the paw print tattoos that all the dancers wore in solidarity with kicked off Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/_z_gxLpp0vk" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

DWTS Week 7: Jane Seymour Eliminated

jane-seymour.jpgAs I posted previously, Marie Osmond’s father passed away this morning. As a result, Marie was not at this week’s results show on Dancing with the Stars. At the beginning of the show, Tom Bergeron announced that Marie was safe this week.

This week’s spotlight dance was Mel B’s Paso Doble, which garnered a perfect 30 from the judges on Monday.

LeAnn Rimes was the special guest singer. She stepped into the way-back machine and performed “How Do I?”

They then had a DanceCenter segment, featuring Len Goodman, Jerry Rice, and Kenny Mayne. Kenny wearing make-up was silly. Not a funny segment at all. I am starting to wonder why I am watching this live and not on TiVo.

The “Rock Steady Crew” then performed. They are a b-boy group and even had some battles in the middle of their routine. That is what I call dancing. Wouldn’t it be funny to see Jane or Cameron try those moves?  That would be entertainment.

LeAnn Rimes then sang a song from this millennium, something from her new album. I just looked it up and “How Do I?” was recorded ten years ago. I feel old.

There was then a second DanceCenter segment. Ugh. At this point I started playing with my cat. Check out video here.

They did not reveal a bottom two, but instead said that one of these three couples was going home: Helio/Julianne, Jane/Tony, and Jennie/Derek.

They then said that Helio is safe, but that it did not mean that the remaining two had the bottom two scores.

And the couple going home is . . .

Jane and Tony.

Well, that’s a relief. If it had been Jennie (my new favorite), I may have had to boycott.

I think Jane’s boring factor did her in.  Anyone upset that she was sent home?

Another tragedy befalls Dancing with the Stars

In what has been a season of surprises, deaths, and illnesses, Dancing with the Stars was struck another blow today.

According to Reality TV World, Marie Osmond’s father, George Osmond, passed away this morning at the age of 90.  In last night’s show, Marie remarked that her outfit in her first dance, the military themed quick step, was in honor of her mother and father.

No word on whether Marie will be on tonight’s show, but I would have to guess that she would take a night off to grieve.

Dancing with the Stars Week 7 recap

This week on Dancing with the Stars, all the couples danced two couples dances for the first time this season, one ballroom and one Latin. Mel B. managed to get another perfect 30 this week on her Paso Doble and a total of 54.  There were only four points separating first from last, as Jane Seymour ended up with 50 points.

One thing that I thought was sweet was that the contestants wore paw tattoos to show solidarity in their support of former contestant and Cheetah girl Sabrina Bryan.

Helio Castroneves: (Tango) It was just alright for me. I liked Julianne Hough’s dress with the pink underneath it. The song was so not tango music. The judges said that technically it was not polished, although Carrie Ann Inaba liked it. The judges gave 9/8/8.

(Samba) Julianne looked like she had a dead animal glued to her dress. I thought the routine was alright. Parts of it were entertaining, but parts just were not working for me. I also am reminded by this dance how the female professionals really carry the men. The judges liked it and his partner Julianne Hough received 9/9/9. Len made a joke, saying that just because you are from Brazil (like Helio) does not mean that you can Samba, just like being from Texas does not mean you will be a good president. Two things about that. 1) It doesn’t really make sense, because no one would ever say that Bush is a good president because he is from Texas; 2) Bush has such low approval rating, that I don’t think it was as big of a deal as the audience made it with their reaction.

Marie Osmond: (Quick Step) I am sure that her fan base will love the military/USO theme, but it looked like Marie messed up quite a bit with her feet. She took a page from Mel B. last week and kissed Len Goodman at the end of routine. The judges loved it though, so what do I know. They gave her and her partner Jonathon Roberts 10/9/9.

(Cha Cha Cha): I actually liked this routine better than her first one, at least performance-wise. Carrie Ann said that there was not enough content (which was a good point, because there was a bit too much walking around) and Len agreed (maybe that is why she performed it better?) The scores were 8/8/8.

Mel B. (FoxTrot): I thought the choreography was a bit too simplistic. Carrie Ann said that they were out of sync a bit and Len said that the footwork was out. The judges gave her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy a score of 8/8/8.

(Paso Doble): Mel forgot to put pants or a skirt on and just wore panties with a coat-like thing. I thought her second routine was much better too and was much more entertaining. Bruno called it “dominatrix” like performance. The other judges like it as well as gave them a score of 10/10/10.  (Do you think Cameron would get 3 tens if he came out wearing only tighty-whiteys?)

Jane Seymour: (Quick Step): It looks like Jane got her house t-p’d for Halloween and then she cleaned it up and made a dress. I thought that her footwork was okay, although they the choreography was odd in that it had them stopping too many times. The two male judges found technical problems with it, while Carrie Ann thinks that Jane needs to add excitement to the routine. I have to agree with that. Jane is just dull. Jane and partner Tony Dovolani received 8/8/8.

(I think that Jane overdid the “I am doing this for Johnny and June Cash” thing (she danced to “Walk the Line.”) It seemed to me like she is just trying to get votes. Maybe I am just cynical.

(Cha Cha Cha) This routine had a lot of stopping in it too. Is it an endurance thing like she needs a break? Unsure. Kinda bored. The judges thought that she did well, but Len said that she needs to wow us. Her scores were 8/9/9.

Jennie Garth: (Viennese Waltz) I thought this was a very pretty routine, although she seemed a bit stilted at times. Bruno said, again, that she did not sustain the level throughout the dance. Carrie Ann said that she had a lot of broken lines. Len thought there was not enough in hold. Jennie’s scores with partner Derek Hough were 8/8/9.

(Rumba) I really liked this routine.  I really bought into the sensuality/romance of it and thought it was very pretty.  Len said that the only person not convinced that Jennie is a good dancer is Jennie.  Bruno said that housewives are sexy and it was her best dance.  Her scores were 9/9/10.

Cameron Mathison: (Quick Step) I still don’t like him. He had an annoying look on his face and then he would suddenly remember to smile. Their feet were off a few times. Carrie Ann liked the exuberance, but said that it was out of control. Len agreed that he needed to calm down. Cameron and his partner, Edyta Sliwinski received 8/8/8 from the judges.

(Jive) It is too much for the camera people to focus in on the contestants’ feet when doing an intricate footwork move, but they sure as hell did not have any trouble zooming in on Cameron and Edyta’s crotch regions during a particular move.  I liked how he jumped over Edyta.  The judges thought he did great.  Their scores were 9/9/9.

I really don’t understand the judges. They nitpick certain routines and praise others that I feel had problems. I really feel like they are basing their scores more on the people than on the routines sometimes, which is unfair to everyone.

Also, does the audience have to boo every negative thing and cheer every positive thing?  Do they really have no opinions of their own?  Once I would love to hear the audience cheer when a judge something true (like Jane is boring). I hate all the phoniness.

I am also really tired of all of the celebs complaining about their busy schedules, trying to garner more votes. That and trying to get sympathy votes. All very annoying.  I miss Sabrina.

What do you think? Who should be going home tomorrow?

It’s Official: Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas dating

Although they would not reveal anything during their post-ouster interviews, Sabrina Bryan told TVguide.com that she and Mark Ballas, her partner on Dancing with the Stars, are indeed a couple.

The revelation does not comes as a big surprise, as they couple had obvious chemistry and Sabrina even called Mark “baby” during their last official dance after getting kicked off the show.

To read the whole interview, go to TV Guide.

Sabrina Byran in tears on The View

sabrina-bryan-elimination.jpgDancing with the Stars cast-off Sabrina Bryan appeared with her partner Mark Ballas on The View yesterday.

The couple performed their cha cha routine (the one that incorporated hip-hop) and then spoke with guest host Carrie Ann Inaba and host Sherri Shepherd.

After Sherri asked her how she was feeling after her shocking elimination, Sabrina was visibly upset and in tears. Sherri later tried to get Mark to spill the beans on whether he and Sabrina are more than just friends, but they were both mum on the issue.

For a full recap of the episode, including what Carrie Ann Inaba had to say about her much younger boyfriend, former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Artem Chigvintsev, visit Watching the View.