Marie Osmond eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

marie-osmond-young.jpgMarie Osmond was the first of the Dancing with the Stars finalists to be eliminated.  Thank goodness.  I am relieved that Marie Osmond’s fans did not get her the win.  While she is an entertaining performer, she is nowhere near the best dancer.  I think that doll routine did her in.

After being eliminated, she said that she felt like Cinderella with her Prince Charming.  She called the judges “the stepsisters.”  She teared up a bit, thanking partner Jonathon Roberts for being so supportive during the rough time she has had over the past few weeks.  As you recall, her father passed away and her teenage son entered rehab.

Marie and Jonathon performed the tango for their final dance.

Dancing with the Stars: The Final recap

This week on the finals of Dancing with the Stars, each dancer had to perform two dances, one style chosen by the judges as a repeat performance and one freestyle routine, with the rules about lifts, uh, lifted.

Mel B. (Cha Cha Cha, judge request) : I thought that this routine was really fun and playful. Mel B. started the routine sitting on her husband’s lap in the crowd and Maks had to “drag” her onto the stage. I am not sure that the choreography was tough enough, though. Carrie Ann thought that it was missing some excitement, but the other judges liked it quite a bit. The judges gave her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy a score of 9/9/10.

(Freestyle) I was really looking forward to Mel B’s freestyle and I was not as excited about as I thought I would be. The lifts were quite good, but they looked a bit off when they were dancing next to one another. Carrie Ann said “You are better than that.” Len thought it was a great performance, but a bit disjointed. Bruno thought she did a good job. The funniest part of the critique was when Baby Spice and Ginger Spice booed from the crowd and Tom Bergeron said that Carrie Ann would not be getting tour tickets. The other two Spice Girls were there as well, although Posh looked rather bored and golf clapped. Mel and Maks received a score of 9/9/9. That was better than the judge’s comments let on it would be.

Marie Osmond: (Samba, judge choice) This routine was too slow for my liking and didn’t have enough steps. Marie looked awkward on top of that. She managed not pass out after this samba. The judges thought that she was entertaining, but not technically good. They gave her and her partner Jonathon Roberts 8/8/8.

(Freestyle): Marie said that this dance was a tribute to all of the fans of her dolls. I thought that the theme was a poor rip-off of a similar dance done on So You Think You Can Dance last year (although that routine was much better). She didn’t dance much, as usual, and it was just rather awkward. Len said it didn’t work and Marie said, “I don’t buy it!” Bruno said it was the loopiest thing he had ever seen, calling it a cross between Baby Jane and Bride of Chucky. Carrie Ann said that she is a risk taker and a great performer. The scores were 8/7/7.

Helio Castroneves: (Jive, judge choice) This was a great routine! Very energetic, fun, and entertaining. Carrie Ann said that it was improved over their last jive, but there were technical problems. Len agreed that there was a lot of a footwork problems, as did Bruno. The judges gave him and partner Julianne Hough 8/8/9.

(Freestyle) This was definitely the routine of the night. It was fun, engergetic and very creative. They had some very difficult moves including cartwheels while joined together and lifts. I also liked the “car” theme. The judges liked it and Len agreed with me that it was the best of night. They received 9/10/10.

I hope that Helio wins, especially based on tonight’s performance, because he is not a performer by trade and has come so far.

Who do you want to win?

Jennie Garth’s Cha Cha Cha

Although Jennie Garth’s cha cha cha was not enough to get her into the finale, it was certainly her best performance all season and should have been enough to get her into the final.

Here is a video of her and partner Derek Hough performing the cha cha cha.

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Helio Castroneves through to finale, Jennie Garth eliminated

jennie-garth.jpgHelio Castroneves was named the third dancer to move on to the Dancing with the Stars finale, meaning that the most improved dancer, Jennie Garth, was eliminated.

Prior to her elimination, judge Len Goodman was asked which of the two couples should be heading home. He said that he wanted the best couples in the finale, which meant that neither of them should go home. His not-so-subtle comment showed that he thinks that Marie Osmond is not good enough to be in the finale (as if we didn’t know).

I am sad to see Jennie go and she was my favorite after Sabrina Bryan left (I was so happy to see her dance in tonight’s show!). I think I will be rooting for Mel B. in the finale. What about you? Who do you want to win?

Mel B. through to Dancing with the Stars finale

Unlike Dancing with the Stars contestant Marie Osmond, I think that few can argue that Mel B. does not have the goods to be in the finale.  She will get that chance, as it was just announced that she is though to the finale.

Mel B. has been consistently good throughout the competition and, at times, phenomenal.  I look forward to seeing what she does in the finale and I think that she is the most likely to take home the trophy.

Marie Osmond through to Dancing with the Stars finale

As the triumph of popularity over talent continues, Marie Osmond has made it through to the finale of Dancing with the Stars.  Although she is not the most talented of those left, the fans obviously want to see her dance in the finale.

If she wins the whole competition, however, the show will be widely regarded as less a talent show and more of a popularity contest.  While that is fine in the first few rounds, the finale should be filled with great dancers.  It is unfortunate that it is not the case this year.

Dancing with the Stars Week 9 Recap

This week on Dancing with the Stars, the contestants were able to pick the dance styles that they wanted to perform. They also had the benefit of a master class with judge Len Goodman during the week. The judges were fairly liberal in handing out tens this week, with Helio Castroneves, Mel B., and Jennie all receiving perfect 30s. Mel and Helio were perfect in both of their routines, giving them both 60 points on the night.

Marie Osmond: (Quick Step) This was a good effort, although it started out without much dancing and too much sitting and walking. Her footwork looked good and, as usual, her personality shown through. Len said that she brings joy and entertainment to this show and she did even better than her last Quick Step. The other judges liked it as well. They gave her and her partner Jonathon Roberts 10/10/9.

(Mambo): I thought that this was a fun dance, but was the song The Chicken Dance? And why did it look like she was doing the twist? Bruno and Carrie Ann pointed out that she lost her foot work a few times, while Len was glad that her hips were working. I think that all the gimmicks (the costume change, the jumping into the crowd) are to distract us from the fact that she is not technically as good as the others. The scores were 9/9/9.

Mel B. (Viennese Waltz): I thought this was a great routine and loved the added elements, like Mel doing a series of moving splits. Very impressive. Bruno said it was the first sexy Viennese Waltz he has ever seen. The judges all loved it and the choreography. The judges gave her and Maksim Chmerkovskiy a score of 10/10/10.

(Paso Doble): I was not as impressed by this one as their last Paso. I also could not stand Mel’s velvet outfit. Now that Len pointed it out in the training piece, I noticed that Mel looked down a lot. The judges all loved it though, so what do I know? The received a score of 10/10/10.

Jennie Garth: (Tango) The singer was awful on the song for this routine and I was distracted by his cracking voice. Other than that, I thought it was a good routine and Jennie looked very confident for a change during the dance. Carrie Ann said that she was powerful, but lacked chemistry. Len thought they did have chemistry and it was “head and shoulders” above her last tango. Bruno said that she did great, despite the difficulty of the steps. Jennie’s scores with partner Derek Hough were 9/10/9.

(Cha Cha Cha) I loved this routine. I thought that Jennie was really sassy in this routine, something lacking in her previous routines, and the energy was great. The judges loved it too. Her scores were 10/10/10.

Helio Castroneves: (Fox Trot) This was another good routine from Helio with a lot of energy and speed with the footwork. The judges all loved it and Bruno said that he will eat his book if Helio is not in the final. The judges gave him and partner Julianne Hough 10/10/10.

(Cha Cha Cha) This routine was great: energetic and full of great moves. The judges loved it. They received 10/10/10.

I hope that Jennie makes it to the finale, but I am afraid that Marie’s fans will put her through.

What do you think? Who should be going home tomorrow?

Mark Cuban talks Dancing with the Stars at the Blog Expo

Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Mark Cuban spoke at the Blog Expo last week.

In this clip from his speech, which I first saw at Celebrity Cowboy, Mark talks about the voting on Dancing with the Stars and whether Marie Osmond really fainted.

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Marie Osmond’s son is in rehab

marie-osmond.jpgDancing with the Stars contestant Marie Osmond must find it hard to dance and be cheery with so much to worry about.  Earlier this week in an interview, Marie Osmond hinted that she was dealing with more this past week than just the passing of her father.  It turns out that she was also dealing with a serious issue with one of her children.

Marie confirmed on Larry King Live last night that her 16-year-old son Michael has entered rehab for an undisclosed addiction.   She said that children today have a lot of peer pressure, but did not elaborate on whether he was being treated for drugs or alcohol.

Source: Reality TV World

Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinski on The View

Discarded Dancing with the Stars contestants Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinski appeared on The View today. They danced their Vienesse Waltz routine and then had a short question and answer session with host Sherri Shepherd and guest host Jorja Fox.

Cameron joked that his bare chest may have gotten him further along in the competition and Edyta admitted that she did not think that Cameron would not get as far as he did because he was “clearly not a dancer.” She said that he made great progress throughout the season.

For a more detailed recap of their appearance, including why Cameron’s wife was not jealous of his dancing with Edyta, visit Watching the View.