So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Begins!

Last night was the first night of the season for So You Think You Can Dance season four and they featured the Los Angeles auditions. It was a really fun two hours, I thought, and I was happy to see some old favorites back, especially Twitch. I could have done without seeing “Sex” again. I really hope that the whole thing is just an act and he and his mother do not really believe that he has talent. Does anyone else wonder if that guy under the mask is also “Sex”? I could have sworn their voices were the same.

My other favorite was Michael (I think?) who did his audition to a spoken word piece which I found moving. I felt like it showed that he gets what expression through dance is all about. And of course I also enjoyed that contortionist guy, although it remains to be seen whether he has what it takes to last on the show.

They featured far more men than women in this opening episode, which lends support to my thought that they would be pushing for a male winner this year, and most likely a man of color. Although they cannot ultimately control who wins as much as they would like, they can certainly guide the audience in a certain direction.

I also loved seeing old contestants again, like Dominic who was there (apparently) to watch the chicks and Travis Wall who was there to choreograph the second round for those who didn’t make it straight through to Vegas.

In short, I was remarkably, but not surprisingly, overjoyed to have my favorite summer show back again. There is really no better summer television that Mary Murphy screaming, Mia Michaels’ passion for dance, and Nigel’s quirkiness alongside some fantastic dancing.