Dancing with the Stars Season 6: The Finals

Kristy Yamaguchi should be taking home the mirror ball trophy in tomorrow’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, unless the voters were distracted from her dancing by the bare chests of either Jason Taylor or Cristià¡n de la Fuente.  Both male finalists had to bring out the sex appeal big time in hopes of taking the trophy from Kristy.

I really enjoyed the Cha Cha face-off, although the name is a bit silly. It was telling to see all three couples dance in a row, without breaks, as it really showed that Kristy is better than both of the men. I think it would have also been interesting to have each finalist dance the same piece of choreography like they have done on So You Think You Can Dance (which starts its new season this Thursday!!!).

Kristy’s freestyle had a lot of complicated maneuvers, but I was surprised to see her get all 10s when I thought there were a few awkward hand-offs in the routine. Compared to the men, though, she deserved the higher marks. I have to renew my complaint that every season the men get off much easier than the women in terms of complicated choreography. It is much easier to hold the woman’s hand as she spins than to be the spinner. While Jason’s lifts did show off his incredible strength, there is much more to dancing than that.

Who are you voting for?