Dancing with the Stars Season 6: The Semi-finals

The Dancing with the Stars semi-finals are through and Kristy Yamaguchi reclaimed the top spot of the judges’ leader board, despite the judges continuing to judge her more critically than the other contestants. I really wish that there would be more consistency with the judging, but I suppose when much of it is subjective, it is difficult to do so.

In his first dance, Cristià¡n de la Fuente did more standing around than dancing, but still got a good score. The judges are always more generous with the points when they feel the contestant is overcoming some physical disability. That was evident earlier this season when Marlee Matlin was scored higher than she deserved because the judges were continually awed by the fact that she could dance without hearing the music. I guess they are equally awed by Cristià¡n’s one-armed dancing. I am not.

Marissa Jaret Winokur continues to improve and I thought her Rumba tonight was great. Part of me has wondered this if she is judged differently because she is not thin like the other contestants, both by the judges and the fans. When ballroom dancing is filled with teeny-tiny women, she is hardly the typical looking dancer, but I would hope that people have looked past that. Despite my love for her and her infectious enthusiasm, I don’t see her going any farther than the semis.

Jason Taylor had two more solid performances this week and I really liked his Paso Doble. It was much better than the NFL/Dolphin themed Paso from a couple of weeks ago. Despite his consistency, I still don’t look at him and think “champion,” and I am not sure why. He probably will make it through to the finals, unless Marissa has more fans voting.

Kristi Yamaguchi should win the whole thing. If the judges or the fans somehow discount her ability because of her past experience in figure skating it would be a big mistake. Every dance she performs with partner Mark Ballas is entertaining and you can tell she puts so much into preparing the routines. Whenever she is sitting on the couch during another couple’s backstage interview, you can see her practicing her steps with her feet ever-so-slightly. The perfectionist in her does not settle for anything less than the best and that should definitely get her into the final and, hopefully, the trophy.

Tomorrow night’s elimination show is the toughest of the season, as one person will learn that they did not make the finals. My guess is that Marissa has danced her last step, but the voters have certainly surprised me before.

Who do you think is headed to the finals?