Dancing with the Stars 6: Week 7 Recap

The big news this week on the show was that during his second routine, Cristià¡n de la Fuente injured his arm. He tried to dance through it, but by the end he was visibly grabbing his arm and kind of dropped his partner Cheryl Burke at the end. The preliminary diagnosis was a severe muscle cramp, although he went to the hospital to have it checked out. Looks like the Dancing with the Stars curse continues?

This week each couple had two dances. I put the recap of both dances next to the person’s name, even though they obviously did not dance both back-to-back.

Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani – Dance 1: (Tango): I liked this routine a lot and her personality really worked in this dance, as she has such a dramatic flair. (Also, it just me or is she getting thinner each week?) Len called it her best dance yet. Scores: 9/9/9; Dance 2: (Rumba): I thought it was a bit dull. The first half of the routine just did not have enough actual dancing and I was a bit bored. Bruno said that he wanted more dirt and for her to push a little more “of the sex.” Scores: 9/8/8

Cristià¡n de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke – Dance 1: (Vienesse Waltz): This was a pretty and elegant routine, although I do not understand why the band was singing “I’ll make love to you,” a slow song, at triple speed. It isn’t as romantic that way. I enjoyed the fluidity of the routine (hey! Carrie Ann said that too. They are totally eavesdropping on me again). Len said it was not as traditional as he would have liked and Carrie Ann also said that it was lacking that something extra that shows that he wants to win. Scores: 8/8/9; Dance 2: (Samba): This was the routine I mentioned above where he injured his arm. The dance was pretty good prior to that, although she was doing most of the dancing. I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly when he hurt himself, so I am unsure how much of that is attributable to his injury. Scores (based on performance up until time of injury): 7/7/7

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas – Dance 1: (Viennese Waltz): I loved this dance. It was just beautiful and romantic. They incorporated an umbrella into it seamlessly and I liked the “old school” Avril Lavigne song. Carrie Ann and Len were no so impressed. Scores: 9/8/9; Dance 2: (Cha Cha Cha) This was another really fun routine from them. In addition to always dancing well, they always seem to get the best clothes and music. They added a bit of freestyle at the end which was a lot of fun. Len noted, however, he didn’t like what he called the “boogaloo hip-hop” and scored them accordingly. Scores: 10/8/10

Mario and Karina Smirnoff – Dance 1: (Fox Trot): There were a few mistakes in their routine, but overall it was pretty good. Scores: 8/8/8 Dance 2: (Mambo): Very energetic and fun routine. Loved the hip action. Scores: 9/9/9

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough – Dance 1: (Tango) She had the necessary emotion for this dance and although she messed up on a couple of little things (i.e. she was supposed to grab his hat and missed), it was a good overall dance. Carrie Ann thought it was her best dance, although I liked last week’s more. Scores: 9/9/9; Dance 2 (Mambo) Shannon danced the beginning and end of the song by shaking her rear end at the judges’ table because of their comments about her lack of hip action. I thought she did a great job and I liked the routine a lot. The judges thought she had problems with her lines and control, although Bruno said, “You really were working that tushy like a mad woman.” Scores: 8/8/8.

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska –Dance 1: (Quick Step) This was a really fun routine, although the song choice (“Dirty Boogie”) was a bit odd. My husband wanted to know if Edyta made her (ugly) dress from a pair of drapes. Scores: 10/9/10; Dance 2: (Paso Doble) I thought that the Miami Dolphins/Monday Night Football theme was really cute, but the dance seemed a bit lacking in the Paso Doble department for me. I also didn’t like that Jason was wearing an undershirt for a top. I also correctly called a lift at the end. (I am channeling Carrie Ann tonight as she pointed it out as well). Scores: 9/8/9.

Who do you think is going home? If Christian is very hurt and can’t continue, do you think that means no one would be eliminated? I think he may have been at risk of going home anyway, but maybe more people will vote for him because his injury caused him to have such low judge scores on the second dance? It is all very complicated.