Dancing with the Stars Six: Adam Carolla Eliminated

adam-carolla.jpgPrior to the elimination on Dancing with the Stars, they had two couples of child ballroom dancers aged 8 and 9 perform and get critiqued by the judges. They were absolutely and adorable and I really enjoyed watching them. Think there will be a spin-off Dancing with the Children?

The bottom two was made up of Priscilla Presley and Adam Carolla.

And the dancer eliminated was Adam Carolla. Relief set in for me because I was worried Priscilla would get eliminated based on her low scores because she did a lift. I think that she has a lot of great longtime potential for this season.

So no big shock here tonight, thankfully. I liked what Adam said in his closing remarks. He said that not everyone can have a chance to be on DWTS, but there is something that scares everyone and they should go out and do it. He also said that he had lost a certain amount of fat during the show, but had gained “105 pounds of angel” in Julianne. I thought that was sweet.