Dancing with the Stars Season 6: Week 4

The dancers really upped their game this week and the judges finally handed out some 10s this week.  If you didn’t watch, you may be surprised who were the dancers who picked them up.

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas – (Paso Doble): I really loved this routine. I thought that Kristi really had the acting down this week and was really working her skirt/cape. Scores: 10/9/10 Those were the first 10s of the season and well deserved I think.

Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel – (Viennese Waltz): This was a beautiful and romantic waltz and Priscilla continues to impress me. She is definitely top notch with her acting. Carrie Ann and Len said that they did a lift and deducted a point. Scores: 7/7/8

Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough – (Paso Doble): Adam wore a mustache, I guess to look more like Zorro? On him it just makes him look more porn star. I liked that he came out on a unicycle, although I didn’t get the correlation. The routine was just okay and his solo parts were pretty awkward like the jump turn. During the judge segment, Adam echoed my porn star comment. (I swear I wrote it before he said it. Wait, that means we think alike. Eek). Then Julianne said, “Oh, shit” which got bleeped. Not sure if she actually said it or just mouthed it, but it was bleeped anyway. Score: 6/7/6

Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez – (Viennese Waltz) It was a sweet and romantic routine, although it didn’t really knock my socks off. I liked how at the end of the dance, Fabian gave her the sign for love. The routine made Carrie Ann cry. Scores: 8/8/8

Mario and Karina Smirnoff – (Paso Doble): This was a very entertaining routine and I loved Mario’s intensity. I didn’t really agree with Len’s sentiment that Mario has one style of dancing: wild. Scores: 8/7/9

Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska -(Viennese Waltz): He looked awkward at times due to his height, although the choreography was pretty. Also, I didn’t really get a great romantic vibe, although what do I know because the judges thought it was sexy and beautiful and gave him great scores. Scores: 10/9/10

Cristià¡n de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke – (Paso Doble): In the clip prior to their dance, it showed them going to Cheryl’s dance studio opening and speaking with Drew Lachey (former partner and rumored lover) about how Cheryl is as a teacher. This was a great routine and the first time that I was really impressed by Christian. That is once I got passed their leather/pleather costumes that reminded me of garbage bags. Scores: 9/8/9

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough – (Viennese Waltz): Prior to the dance, they talked about the injury that Derek suffered to his neck during rehearsal last week. Jonathan Roberts came in to fill in for Derek at the rehearsals. I thought it was a very beautiful routine and really enjoyed it. Len called it the best routine of the night. (Given the romantic nature of the routine, the fact that she kissed him on the cheek as he left on the stretcher, and the seemingly close friendship that the pair has so far, I predict romance rumors shortly). Score: 9/10/9

Marisa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani – (Paso Doble): It looked to be a technically difficult routine and she pulled it off well, although I didn’t like it as much as some of the other Pasos tonight.  I really did not like Marisa’s dress, either.  They had a different material and color for the bust area and then it laced up the front.  Maybe the costumer needs to work on their plus size clothing styling.    Scores: 8/8/8

My prediction: Based on the dancing I would send Adam Carolla home.  I have no idea who has fans voting and who does not, though, so it could be a surprise elimination.