Dancing with the Stars Season Six: The Men

Tonight was the men’s turn to debut on Dancing with the Stars. Tomorrow the women will debut. The best part is that there is no elimination this week, so everyone will survive to dance next week. I like that because it would be sad to put all the practice in and be out after one night.

This season, rather than recap the shows in detail, I will just give my impression of the dances and the judge scores.

Penn Jillette (Performer/Magician) and Kym Johnson – (Cha Cha Cha) He is an entertaining guy, but he danced/walked (more walking than dancing) a bit like Frankenstein. His personality could pull him through the competition while he learns how to dance. Scores: 5/6/5

Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphin) and Edyta Sliwinski – (Fox Trot) He did a great job dancing-wise, but had a look of fear/apprehension on his face most of the dance. Once he gets more experience and can relax a bit, I think he could go far. He had beautiful lines and was elegant. Scores: 7/8/7

Cristià¡n de la Fuente (Chilean actor; on Ugly Betty) and Cheryl Burke – (Cha Cha Cha) She was great. I loved her dress. I was not too impressed with him. Kind of boring. Scores: 7/7/7

Adam Carolla (Radio host) and Julianne Hough – (Fox Trot) He was much better than I thought he would be, although that is not saying too much. I had him pegged as a Mark Cuban-esque dancer, but I think that with practice he will be a better caliber than that. That being said, he had an awful grimace on his face much of the dance and needs to relax. Scores: 5/5/5

Mario (R&B singer) and Karina Smirnoff – (Cha Cha Cha) Karina had to have surgery for a herniated disc just prior to the season.  Mario’s R&B dance experience served him well and he was great. Far above and beyond any of the other contestants. Scores: 8/8/8

Steven Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya – (Fox Trot) He was pretty okay overall.  It looked like he was having fun, but it also looked like he forgot the steps at one point.  I have to agree with the judges that there was a charming quality to him, which caught me by surprise.  Scores: 6/6/6

The women will have their debut tomorrow night.  Check back for my recap!