America’s Best Dance Crew Auditions

I was able to catch part of a re-airing of the audition episode of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew.  Some of the talent was fairly good and some of it was not so good.

Some of the groups were a little to “hip hop dance class” in their unoriginality.  I thought some others were too gimmicky, like the guys on rollerskates and the guys with the masks.  I guess it worked, though, because they got through.

I was most annoyed by A.C. Slater/Mario Lopez and his poor attempts to sound “hip” with his manner of speaking.  I can’t even explain it.  It was just awkward.

The judges were Shane Sparks (who like when he is on So You Think You Can Dance said very little that was helpful), “club favorite” Lil’ Mama (who was really annoying) and former N’Sync star J.C. Chasez (really, that was the best you could do?)

If you want to check out the auditions, you can see clips online at MTV.