Dancing in the Movies: Center Stage

center-stage.jpgThe 2000 movie Center Stage follows students at a dance academy as they deal with the rigors of becoming a professional dancer. Topics covered in the movie are eating disorders, egotistical choreographers, as well as how hard it is to live up with the near perfect standards necessary.

While the dialogue is not the greatest, the plot is somewhat formulaic, and it is kind of predictable, I love this movie. I cannot really explain why, but I do. I think that the dancing is quite good and I really enjoy the performances.

I have always thought that the ballet peformed near the end of the film, the non-traditional one, would make a good real ballet. It has traditional dance elements, spiced up a bit.

The main character was actually played by a young woman who studied ballet in her home state of Hawaii: Amanda Schull.  Unfortunately her acting career did not go much beyond this movie and she will not be appearing in Center Stage 2.

What, you hadn’t heard? Yes, I just read that indeed their will be a sequel, which is currently in production. Peter Gallagher and Ethan Stiefel will both be returning, likely to rekindle their rivalry.