Danica Patrick says no to Dancing with the Stars

danica-patrick.jpgIndy car driver Danica Patrick said that she won’t be following in the footsteps of fellow driver Helio Castroneves. Helio, who of course was this year’s winner on Dancing with the Stars, recommended her to be on next season’s show.

Danica said that she does not have the infectious personality that Helio has and is too serious for the show. She thinks that people at home would be wondering what was wrong with her because she would not be smiling all the time like Helio did.

I think that it is too soon for another Indy car driver, although I think that Danica would have made a decent contestant. She is gorgeous and would look great in the dance outfits, so that is a plus.

However, she hasn’t yet proven herself on the racetrack, still waiting for that first victory, so I think that she should stick to that for awhile before trying her hand and something else. Previous athletes that have done well were either retired, like Emmitt Smith, or had already achieved great success in their field, like Helio.

Source: Buddy TV 
Photo: John Schearer, Wire Image