Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann week two

maxx.jpgI only watched bits and pieces of this week’s episode of Dance War, flipping back and forth between it and Unwrapped, followed by Jon & Kate plus 8. However, that was enough to know that it still is mediocre television. It says a lot that I would much rather watch a bunch of three year olds screaming for half an hour (although they are so cute!) rather than watching this dancing show.

The men and women were placed in small groups and performed for the judges/coaches. I still thought that their routines were a bit hokey, with at Mickey Mouse Club feel. I also thought that the men, especially, were trying too hard. They acted like they were in a boy band the way they opened their shirts, sang to girls in the crowd, sang to Carrie Ann; I guess no one told them that the boy band days are over. Just ask host Drew Lachey.

There was then a dramatic “school yard” selection, where Carrie Ann and Bruno each chose two people for their teams. The remaning three guys and three girls sang a final group song.

The three women sang “Survivor” and I thought that woman on the left would be sent home because her hand movements annoyed me. I was surprised when the poofy blond-haired woman went home instead.

The three men sang Boyz II Men Classic “End of the Road.” I knew it would be the end of the road for the middle guy because he was odd looking. All the other contestants pretty much look like models, so even if he was talented (and I don’t know that he was) he had little chance of staying around. This show seems a bit shallow like that.  That is him pictured above, although that photo does not give full effect of his strangeness.

So we have our teams and I would take the time to write out which singer/dancer made which team, but I figure anyone that actually cares watched it. (And I am not one of those people).

I don’t know that I will continue to watch this show (really I am not “watching” it as it is), but without any other reality dancing shows going on, I will have to peripherally pay attention so that I have something to write about until Dancing with the Stars resumes.