Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann week one

drew-lachey.jpgDancing with the Stars hosts Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba debuted their new show Dance War. I thought it was okay. I thought that Bruno and Carrie Ann were annoying during the auditions. Rather than watching/listening, they were chatting to each other the whole time. It was very distracting.

The majority of this week’s episode was the auditions in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Similar to So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, there were good and bad auditions. The difference being that the contestants had to dance and sing. Some of them were great dancers with so-so voices and vice versa. I thought that they were too overly impressed with dancers who would have not even made it to the callbacks on So You Think You Can Dance. I guess they are looking for something “different.” Perhaps they are focusing on who will make a better moldable character for the series.

Drew Lachey, former 98 Degrees singer and Dancing with the Stars champion is the host of the show. I like him and think he was the highlight of the first episode. He even donned a costume and pretended to be a contestant, which, although I knew it was him, was pretty funny.

After an hour of the show, I wondered why it wasn’t winding down. I had no idea it was two long excruciating hours. I think if I continue to review this show it needs to be on the TiVo because this is not worth watching live.

The top 30 dancers went to Hollywood for the callbacks. They had two days to learn a group routine singing/dancing routine. Although it had some good choreography in the whole group part, overall it was pretty cheesy. For some reason the breakdown of the singing, where each person had a line or two, reminded me of Kids, Incorporated or Mickey Mouse Club. Perhaps it was the shear number of performers? It was not something I would pay to go see, that is for sure.

The final 14 contestants, none of whom impressed me enough to bother to remember their names, performed live. Again the dancing was good and I enjoyed the choreography but the singing was cheesy.

Twelve of the 14 finalists will be put into two teams, one coached by each DWTS judge for a six week competition.

What did you all think? Did you like it? Will you be watching the rest of the series? I hope it gets better.