Cheryl Burke Returns to the DWTS Tour

cheryl-burke-dwts.jpgAs I previously reported, Cheryl Burke had to take herself out of the Dancing with the Stars tour when a doctor diagnosed her side pain as appendicitis. However, TV Guide is now reporting that after a second opinion, she has been cleared to return to the show.

They have not revealed what ailment that she did suffer from, but indicated that it was not appendicitis. Hopefully this is not one of those situations where someone goes to several doctors until they find one that gives them the answer they want. Such actions have led to serious illness and death in cases of athletes and other people who “shop around” for a good diagnosis. Kanye West’s mother also comes to mind. Certainly there is no evidence that is the case with Cheryl, but I always get nervous when I hear that someone is “fine” after being previously diagnosed with a serious illness.

Hopefully she really is okay.  Cheryl is expected to be in the line-up tonight.