Sabrina Bryan misses Mark Ballas on tour

sabrina-bryan-elimination.jpgAfter spending the entire season together, and a romance blossoming, Sabrina Bryan is finding it difficult to dance with a new partner on the Dancing with the Stars tour.  Mark Ballas is off the tour until at least after Christmas due to a dislocated arm.  The injury happened in the finale of the show.

Sabrina has been partnered temporarily with Derek Hough, who was Jennie Garth’s partner this season.  Sabrina said, “At first it was so weird to do the new numbers with someone else. And when Derek and I do the cha cha, it’s just hard.”

Of course the cha cha was their signature dance of the season and the on they are most remembered for.  It certainly has to be strange for her to be dancing with another person, especially where she and Mark has developed such a strong connection.  She will have to learn how to create chemistry with someone she is not actually in love with.

Source: TV Guide