Julianne Hough gets record deal

julianne-hough-singing.jpgIt seems like these days that people that are very good at one thing always feel the need to show that they excel in other areas. Singers want to be actors, sports stars want to be rappers, and professional dance champions…want to sing country music?

Dancing with the Stars winner and professional dancer Julianne Hough has inked a record deal with Mercury Nashville to record a country music album. Hough has been in Nashville working on the album and has even planned her appearances on the Dancing with the Stars tour around her recording schedule.

Perhaps she has always wanted to sing professionally, but was a better dancer, so that came first? Maybe she is not a super spectacular singer so she could not get a record deal without becoming famous first? Having never heard her sing, I cannot say for sure.

Certainly Mercury has made a smart business decision because, given her popularity, she has a built in fan base. Will those people buy her album? Only time will tell.