Who will be sent home tonight?

As the season progresses on So You Think You Can Dance, the judges have started to abandon their “project” dancers and those who have not improved as they had hoped will be sent packing. The judges made it very clear in last night’s episode that they had seen enough of Cedric Gardner. Of course, if he doesn’t end up in the bottom three couples tonight, then the judges can’t touch him. It is possible that his speech last night may have wooed some voters.

The other issue to be resolved tonight is Jessi Peralta. She has been a favorite of the judges, although perhaps not the fans, as she made it into the bottom three couples last week. On last night’s show, it was revealed that she had a serious medical problem and could not perform. Although they did not disclose the details, judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe did mention “EKG,” so it is obviously a very serious condition. He also said that Jessi will have to “dance for her life” on tonight’s show to stay in the competition. If she is not well enough to perform, then she will be out of the competition completely.

Check back for how the voting turned out and my thoughts on who was sent home.