Down To The Final Fourteen: Jessi and Jesàºs sent home

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Tonight’s results episode of So You Think You Can Dance started with a group dance to the “The Lioness Hunt” from Lion King, which was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Following the dance, they got right into “bottom three” reveal, and yet still managed to stretch it out over 29 minutes. Lauren and Neil and Lacey and Kameron were the first two couples in the hot seat. Lacey and Kameron were safe. The next three couples were Jaimie and Hok, Sabra and Dominic, and Sara and Jesàºs. The couple needing to dance for the lives would be Sara and Jesàºs. I guess America did not love their Krump routine. Debbie Allen, ever the optimist, told them that the viewers want to see them dance one on one and “that is a beautiful thing.”

Kat revealed that Jessi has been cleared by her doctors to perform and that she will have to “dance for her life” later in the show. She added that it was only fair to show the viewers the routine that Jessi and Pasha worked on all week, so the couple then performed their dance. I found myself comparing her to the professional dancer who performed with Pasha last night. Of course Jessi and Pasha obviously had more chemistry, but there is still something about her that bothers me. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

After the dance, Jessi talked about the reason she was hospitalized. She said that she got dehydrated because dancing is rigorous and her “EKG was off.” She did not elaborate further, but I imagine that there is more to the story. She then called Pasha her “wannabe boyfriend” and said that he sat at the hospital and held her hand.

They then announced Pasha was safe. Of the final two couples Cedric and Shauna and Anya and Danny, one would be safe. At this point, I started to worry that Cedric may have gotten a lot of sympathy votes after the reaming he got by the judges last night. Unfortunately, I was right.

To recap, the bottom three couples were:
Lauren and Neil
Sara and Jesàºs
Anya and Danny

Nigel said, “Five million people voted and five million voted wrong.” He added that he thinks that people are voting for more than just the dancing, pointing out Cedric’s speech that I mentioned earlier.

The Solos
Lauren: From some unknown reason she chose to dance to “Popozao” by Kevin Federline. Her dance reminded me of a strip tease.

Neil: He danced to “Come On” by Ben Jelen. He had lots of impressive spins and flips and also managed to avoid Lauren’s jacket which was still on the floor from her strip routine.

Sara: She break-danced (of course) to “Ladies First” by Queen Latifah. I am always impressed by the B boys and girls because they seem to defy normal body movement. She had a very cool move on her knees which I liked.

Jesàºs: He danced to “What I like about you” by the Romantics. I think that his outfit, most notably the high tube socks, was a poor choice, as was the air guitar, but he had lots of energy in his movement and his spins.

Jessi: She danced to “Ice box” by Omarion while wearing a hip-hop outfit that reminded be of Fresh Prince of Bel Air for some reason. She performed a routine with a lot of “popping.” I think that she actually had this prepared, rather than last week where she just winged it because she was surprised to be in the bottom three.

Danny: He danced to “A song for You” by Elliot Yamin. He performed an impressive contemporary routine, complete with a spin then went on for several seconds. I think this was my favorite solo of the night.

Anya: She performed to “Fields of gold” by Eva Cassidy. She also had a poor outfit choice, in what appeared to be a blue dress over a black body suit. She also did not seem to dance too much. She could have done so much better. I wonder if she didn’t really prepare because she thought they would be safe? That phenomenon seemed to plague Jessi last week.

While the judges deliberated, Fergie and Ludacris performed her song “Glamorous.”

The Results

The judges were not unanimous in their decision. Nigel told all four woman that there solos were “not good enough from any of you.” He criticized Lauren for taking 15 seconds to walk on stage and another 5 seconds to take her jacket off. He then had Jessi step forward and in an extremely quick, anticlimactic statement said “Sorry, we’re gonna lose you tonight.” I thought that he was going to add a cute statement like, “We are going to lose you to the sidelines and we will see you next week.” However, he meant it and she is gone. I wonder if there is something more to her illness that we don’t know about that influenced their decision?

The judges were unanimous in their decision for the men. Nigel told both Neil and Danny “You were outstanding tonight.” He then told Jesàºs that he was outstanding all season up to this point, but because of the performance of the other two men tonight, “we are going to have to say good-bye to you.”

It will be interesting to see how Sara and Pasha match-up next week. What did you all think of the results?