Your Face Rocking Dance Roundup Explosion

It doesn’t get more exciting than this friends:

So You Think You Can Lose Weight?

According to TV Guide, executive producer of Dancing With The Stars hates fat people.

Nigel blasted, “I get a lot of fat dancers that come in to audition and I want to say to them, ‘Darling, you’re fat! Not just overweight, but fat. Go on and do something about it.”

He also said that he didn’t want any fat dancers because “when the music stops, your body should stop, not wobble on for 10-15 seconds.”Source: TV Guide- Nigel Lythgoe Weighs in on Lacey Schwimmer, Fat Dancers

I’m as horrified as you are friends. Let’s hear what you think.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 Begins!

Last night was the first night of the season for So You Think You Can Dance season four and they featured the Los Angeles auditions. It was a really fun two hours, I thought, and I was happy to see some old favorites back, especially Twitch. I could have done without seeing “Sex” again. I really hope that the whole thing is just an act and he and his mother do not really believe that he has talent. Does anyone else wonder if that guy under the mask is also “Sex”? I could have sworn their voices were the same.

My other favorite was Michael (I think?) who did his audition to a spoken word piece which I found moving. I felt like it showed that he gets what expression through dance is all about. And of course I also enjoyed that contortionist guy, although it remains to be seen whether he has what it takes to last on the show.

They featured far more men than women in this opening episode, which lends support to my thought that they would be pushing for a male winner this year, and most likely a man of color. Although they cannot ultimately control who wins as much as they would like, they can certainly guide the audience in a certain direction.

I also loved seeing old contestants again, like Dominic who was there (apparently) to watch the chicks and Travis Wall who was there to choreograph the second round for those who didn’t make it straight through to Vegas.

In short, I was remarkably, but not surprisingly, overjoyed to have my favorite summer show back again. There is really no better summer television that Mary Murphy screaming, Mia Michaels’ passion for dance, and Nigel’s quirkiness alongside some fantastic dancing.

Video of Julianne Hough on GMA

Julianne Hough appeared on Good Morning America to sing her new sing “That Song In My Head.” Here is a video of her performance.

Dancing with the Stars Season 6: Kristy Yamaguchi Wins!

kristy-yamaguchi.jpgAll is right with the world, as Kristy Yamaguchi was named the champion on season six of Dancing with the Stars! Cristià¡n de la Fuente was eliminated early on in the show, so Kristy and Jason Taylor each had to dance one more time to get additional judges votes.

They danced routines they had performed before, Kristy doing the Jive and Jason doing the Quick Step.  The judges gave them each a perfect 30, perhaps to not change the will of the people.

I was happy to see Kristy win and I am glad that the voters chose the right winner.

Dancing with the Stars Season 6: The Finals

Kristy Yamaguchi should be taking home the mirror ball trophy in tomorrow’s finale of Dancing with the Stars, unless the voters were distracted from her dancing by the bare chests of either Jason Taylor or Cristià¡n de la Fuente.  Both male finalists had to bring out the sex appeal big time in hopes of taking the trophy from Kristy.

I really enjoyed the Cha Cha face-off, although the name is a bit silly. It was telling to see all three couples dance in a row, without breaks, as it really showed that Kristy is better than both of the men. I think it would have also been interesting to have each finalist dance the same piece of choreography like they have done on So You Think You Can Dance (which starts its new season this Thursday!!!).

Kristy’s freestyle had a lot of complicated maneuvers, but I was surprised to see her get all 10s when I thought there were a few awkward hand-offs in the routine. Compared to the men, though, she deserved the higher marks. I have to renew my complaint that every season the men get off much easier than the women in terms of complicated choreography. It is much easier to hold the woman’s hand as she spins than to be the spinner. While Jason’s lifts did show off his incredible strength, there is much more to dancing than that.

Who are you voting for?

Julianne Hough will sing on The View

Dancing with the Stars professional Julianne Hough will be appearing on The View on Thursday May 22 to perform a song from her forthcoming country album.  Her album will be released this Tuesday May 20.

Dancing with the Stars Season 6: Marissa Jaret Winokur Eliminated

marissa-jaret-winokur-tony-dovolani.jpgIt what was the least surprising episode of Dancing with the Stars this season, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Tony Dovolani were eliminated. Marissa seemed happy to have made it to the semi-finals and said that she has never felt as sexy as she did during the season.

In her parting comments, Marissa encouraged everyone to “go out and do something fun” and to “shake what your mama gave you.”

Finalist Kristi Yamaguchi teared up during Marissa’s farewell and Tony said that he wished that everyone could carry a Marissa around with them because her enthusiasm and joy are so infectious.

Marissa won’t be having too much time off, though, as her and her husband are expecting a child via surrogate this summer.
With the finalists set, I am pulling for Kristi Yamaguchi to win it all. Who do you want to win?